The Atacama Desert is so amazing and I got different to believe that place like this did not exist on our planet.

I was not so wrong in my daydreams. The first stop was Valle de Mars or Valle de la Muerte. The first name comes from exactly the similarity to Mars. When I watched the film: Lost in MarsI came to distrust even though some scenes were recorded there.

Although the earthy colors of the sand mountains are the same, the textures are mixed. Sand and stone, recognized by their sharp tips and covered salt, that if we were not in a desert I would say it was snow.

My eyes could not see the beginning, middle and end it all. Not only mine, but of all human beings who look the place in the same light (with feet on the ground). It was trying to cross these lands and without much success, that men and animals were found dead on the spot. Thus making his second name: Valle de la Muerte.

With our 4 × 4 and the innocence of an unsuspecting tourist, sand almost swallowed us and leave your message right away: Caution! In the desert is not mocked.

Deserto do Atacama
Valle de Mars - Atacama Desert

Explore those lands with our own feet and we were not far away, it was just the beginning of our trip.

Since the speed of light in a few minutes we were in Valle del la Luna.

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The moon, in this case is at 9 km from San Pedro de Atacama and is within a nature reserve. We pay the fee to enter the car and at the same time I seemed to have lost the sense of gravity. His head hit the ceiling every new "crater" or would be the stones of the road? Maybe, but they did not prevent us from continuing the ride!

We looked at the map and found the three Marias, follow there. It was not yet night and what was before our eyes were not the stars but three formations: one beside the other. It is they who give shine to the valley carved by the wind and giving the many different ways you can imagine. That's exactly what to do, imagine.

Deserto do Atacama
Valle del la Luna - Atacama Desert

I am a true aficionionada for watching sunsets, is the home window or anywhere on this planet. In the Atacama could not be otherwise, there is certainly among the most beautiful in the world.

If being on the moon is to be in the highest, it was just over there we were. Marched to the top of a stone mountain taking with me: my husband, father, mother and a bottle of wine. We would watch a show, washed down with Chilean wine in plastic cups. glass bowls would be a burden more to load.

Deserto do Atacama
Valle del la Luna - Atacama Desert

I felt on top of the universe. The sun was giving way to night and their colors transformed the scenario that was sprinkled with salt. The white that day contrasts with the earthy color, in the day serves as a backdrop for the hundreds of shades of yellow, orange, red and even pink give their show.

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The day is gone and left us in the dark. With a flashlight back to the car. Silence only proved one thing: that sunset was really indescribable.

A new day was born in San Pedro, the sun did not burn, it was the month of May and therefore do not suffer from the scorching heat.

A new day, a new destination! connected GPS, car on the road follow the direction Lagunas Altiplanic

There were about two hours to get to the final destination, hours or felt pass. Slipping on a mat, without folds or bends the only concern was looking out the window.

By the window, a dead vegetation that sooner or later came to life and color. The green of the trees announced the presence of water and does not take long to emerge small lakes that left the mysterious ride, where they came from? Upon arriving at the reserve that protects the lagoons, we found that these were formed as a result of the eruption of volcanoes: Miscanti and Miniqui. As for the others that passed by the way, are still unknown.

Deserto do Atacama
The path of the Laguna Altiplanic -Deserto Atacama

Volcanoes gave name to the two lakes that have formed there. We were 4,000 meters above sea level and the recommendation was to contain the spirits, could not tire us more than usual.

I tried, until you see the first, Miscanti. Its calm water reflected a hill covered with snow, was not salt this time it was real snow. Completely surrounded by yellow tufts by far seemed harmless little flowers, closely sure we were in a wilderness, were cacti.

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Deserto do Atacama
Laguna Miscanti - Atacama Desert

The color of the water seemed to be a reflection of the sky, a blue that made me understand why the feeling of tranquility in color psychology studies.

Walking slowly towards the second lagoon, Miniqui. As a ctrl + c, ctrl + ve some adjustments in size, both of which can only be compared to each other and do not ask what I liked most.

Deserto do Atacama
Laguna Miniqui - Atacama Desert

We advance our exploration of local ponds and went in search of the famous and fun Laguna Cejar, That it is impossible to sink.

What prevents you from sinking is the high concentration of salt in the water, so great as to be higher than the dead sea. The concentration therein is 70%, while the Dead Sea is 6%.

What is salt there is the value of experience, approximately R $ 100.00. The high value is due to the great movement of tourists and locals who use the space to cool off. The overcrowding was damaging the space.

Nature is even perfect. Like a protection for the lagoon, it is completely surrounded by an aggressive terrain. The soil completely covered by salt form true razors. So attention and care not to cut your feet.

Ojos de Sal, It was the last day of the ponds. Along the road, sand everywhere. A few dry trees and salt, always. Following the road marks as if we were owners sighted her two big holes that seemed to have water in that thing from another planet. Eyes salt, as is known gently. The road passes exactly between the two.

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We parked anywhere, without worrying about the traffic cop. We got out as if we were astronauts out of the spacecraft. We look, look and look, it was a bottomless pit. Maybe if I jump would move to the next layer of the Earth, sure. I not jumped, but they say that way the water is sweet, the result of erosion of the waters of underground rivers that pass through there.

The dark color of the water and the green little vegetation around the entire margin offset. They are the only indication of life in that dead nature. The land that forms for the curious well doubles the reflection of the water. All approaches the edge, multiplies.

Deserto do Atacama
Ojos de Sal - Atacama Desert

It was quite a day, surprised by so much beauty and awe of the grandeur of Mother Nature return to the village of San Pedro de Atacama. Needed to rest the mind, who spent a whole day soaking up images ever seen for that tourist who speaks to you.

The day started early, even before the sun to show up we were on the road.It was 5:30 am, the show of Geyser start around 7:00. The pre-dawn darkness and fog signaled that outside was cold, inside the car the heater on and my heart racing. We climbed to an altitude of 4,200m that were achieved with the whole body contracted with fear: the route that ever grew louder, a dirt road without any security. We knew that the path was correct because we were in a line of cars that ran the same risk as us.

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Perhaps one difference: most do this tour with local agencies. Go sleeping along the way by relying on drivers who know that route as the palm. It was not our case, rental car, the first time that dark road and maybe a little sleep for hours.

We arrived at the scene, stood the excursions to the coffee table and we tried to warm up in the hot car air. The day began to dawn, I just begged for the sun soon appear and warm up a little. out of the car, with teeth chattering, it was time to watch the waters of show calientes. Unlike what happens in Las Vegas and Dubai, here has the hand of man, creation is all the responsibility of nature.

a Geyser It is a thermal spring (the water reaches 70 ° C). From time to time erupts, releasing a column of hot water and steam into the air. Around 7:00 am the jets reach their maximum height. A fairly rare phenomenon, a thousand worldwide.

After so cold, hot springs await lunatics who want to give a tibum in the natural pools that reach 40 ° C, if not 2 ° C that are outside, all right!

Deserto do Atacama
Gêiser- Atacama Desert

We returned to San Pedro in search of Valle Arcoiris. Do not follow the light of the pot of gold, we follow a road for an hour kilometers traveled alone, away from human and once again close to nature. Alpacas that appeared along the way were our companies, so close the road was inevitable not stop, photograph and chat with raw sheep.

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Deserto do Atacama
Alpacas - Atacama Desert

The terracotta color invaded the valley, the planet Mercury was not gray I would say that we had gotten there. The driver drove the car slowly in the way we find sunken rocks, vegetation and streams, we passed them all with the feeling of being on a tractor. The excitement of finding the pot of gold was given to get a glimpse of color remnants enters that immensity of burnt red. The rainbow was born, the mountains were colored, color layers, as a mixed cake. Layers of green, yellow layers, white and purple that was the Valle Arcoiris, Whole damn for us.

Once again, we drop the car in a corner and went exploring that world. We explore both to find cracks that opened the rocks and led increasingly to another dimension. From now on, be seen to believe ...

Deserto do Atacama
Valle Arcoiris - Atacama Desert

We hit the road del Paciencia, The name says it all. A lot of road ahead with always the same landscape, earth and no vegetation. If you are nervous, scream. D = the found Hidden lagoons.

Nothing more than salt ponds, seven in total, only a few are allowed to shower. A place less explored by tourists, who do not have the patience not enough. The much cheaper value that Cejar.

We explore everything in our power, small and large ponds with many different shade of blue and green. When looking at the water, I did not know if the clouds is that they were being reflected or if water hid a kind of "iceberg " salt.

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Since you can not sink, no one knows the depth, but the eyes notice the layers. Land once again sprinkled with salt, the land covered by a thin layer of water that you show up here you can go walking, green dominates the entire hole showing that there is no longer possible to pull the feet on any surface.

Deserto do Atacama
Hidden Lagunas - Atacama Desert

Without much patience, without much time needed to fly at the speed of light to arrive in time to watch the setting of the sun in Laguna Chaxa. He is given time and there I witnessed the most beautiful sight of my life.

The eyes were already accustomed to the lakes, but here they were decorated with flamingos, which as dancers wove his legs straight and his body leaning, looking for food in the seawater. Pink and white colors of their feathers very soon would become only contours, which are opposed to the power of yellow announcing that the sun is going away. They, our dancers, were still there, as if nothing was happening (should be used to this show). They did not move, just raised his head from the water and then fished a little fish again.

Deserto do Atacama
Laguna Chaxa - Atacama Desert

Meanwhile, behind them, the sky turned into a something new every wink. When you open your eyes in front of me, so small the world was orange. He closed and opened and there was the red again and now pink and so was ... Until the clouds decided to turn the protagonists were gradually covering the bold colors and bringing the darkness of dusk.

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Time to go back, but the sky still had a lot to offer us that night. We had already watching the show's star shining throughout the day, the sun. Now was the time to watch the spectacle of those who stand out in the dark.

With a lot of clothes and very well bundled up, we went to our night tour. In the middle of the desert without any influence of artificial lighting, the stars and the moon shone for us.

Under freezing cold, we heard all the explanations of the constellations of the zodiac, nebulae, stars and planets.

Deserto do Atacama
Night trip to see the stars - Atacama Desert

I saw the true 3 Marias, with a little imagination found my sign: Capricorn, that with a laser very strong traced the outline of all the zodiacs.

With a close eye and pretty much stuck in the powerful telescope, the other closed, and saw the rings of Saturn and the craters of the moon. Without malice nor pain, I was seeing stars in a way never seen before.

For me, the proof that we are small, we do not know anything and that traveling is the best way to discover not only the planet but the universe. Thus ended my space trip with your feet securely attached to the ground by Atacama.

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O Deserto do Atacama é um destino incrível, cheio de mistérios e paisagens deslumbrantes. Se você quer conhecer melhor esse destino confira aqui todas as dicas.


  1. Mayte, sou apaixonada no Atacama, mas ainda não conheci esse paraíso. Tá tudo marcado e se der certo vou em setembro, então ansiedade me define no momento. Eu fiquei com umas duvidas no teu relato: você fez os passeios sem guia, foi isso? Alugou o carro e fez tudo por conta? Quão difícil é isso? Nunca tinha imaginado fazer assim porque achava que seria tudo muito mais difícil (ou impossível). E em termos de custo, quanto de diferença você imagina entre fazer com aluguel de carro (que não deve ser nada barato por lá também) e fazer com as empresas?
    Um beijo

    • Olá Klécia, o Atacama é apaixonante mesmo!

      Isso mesmo. Exceto o passeio astronômico (que só é possível fechado com agência).

      Eu aluguei o carro no próprio aeroporto de Calama (é mais barato que locar na cidade de San Pedro). Para conseguir realizar todos os passeios é necessário alugar um 4×4 e ter em mãos todos os mapas (offline), não é nada impossível e nem muito complicado, todos os locais são muito bem sinalizados e possível chegar sem guia. Com relação ao custo não é o mais barato, achei pela Hertz com os valores mais atualizados um valor de R$ 300,00 o dia (se você está em 4 pessoas dentro do carro vale mais a pena) os passeio custam em torno de 50 dólares (dependendo da agência e do passeio). O que me deixou muito confortável com a ideia da locação do carro foi a liberdade de parar e de curtir no meu tempo cada um dos passeios.

      Recomendo apenas UM passeio fazer com guia – Gêiser (fomos tbm de carro e por conta própria e passamos bastante medo)

      PS: Caso feche com as agências, se atente se o valor cobrado não é só do translado e chegando no local terá que pagar para entrar ou nadar nas lagoas de sal e etc…

  2. oi Maytê… o Atacama é incrível né?! Fui há muitos anos e ainda lembro como se fosse hoje como achei aquilo tudo inacreditável! As Lagunas Altiplânicas foram as minhas preferidas: achei aquela paisagem extraordinária. Nos geyseres eu entendi o que é frio! 15 graus negativos eu peguei! Doeu! rsrsrs

    Na época não era possível, ou pelo menos não eram muito divulgados alguns dos lugares que você visitou. Desculpa para voltar um dia desses!rsrsr

    Sua fotos estão incríveis e você pegou pores do sol maravilhosos!!! bjus

    • Ana, alguns lugares que passamos o guia realmente comentou que eram lugares recém descobertos! Rsrsrs motivos para voltar você já tem. 😉

      Muito obrigada, mas não precisei me esforçar era só mirar e a beleza estava lá, prontinha pra mim. =D

  3. Que post mais lindo! Amei e viajei contigo nesta experiência cheia de cores e visões de tirar o fôlego. Eu quero muito ir e agora, lendo tudo isto e vendo as tuas fotos, quero mais e mais. E quero ver as estrelas à noite, o pôr do sol, as alpacas, os flamingos, os geiseres, as lagunas, tudo isto! Que lindo…

  4. Já tinha lido alguns posts sobre o deserto do Atacama, mas nenhum tão bonito como o seu. Porque descreveu de uma forma tão pessoal e tão poética aquilo que viu e sentiu, como uma paisagem do outro mundo mexeu consigo… quase me senti sentada junto de vocês, com um copo de plástico na mão, à espera do pôr-do-sol. Saio daqui apaixonada por esse lugar, sobretudo as paisagens da Laguna Miscanti e as três Marias!
    Grata por este momento
    Abraço desde Portugal

  5. Que post mais apaixonante, com belas imagens, poético e repleto de valiosas informações. Maytê, o passeio noturno vc fez por conta própria ou com guia? Obrigada pelo lindo post. Bjs 🙂

  6. Maytê, que post foi esse??! Eu já era louca para conhecer o Atacama, mas depois do seu relato e de ver uma foto mais sensacional que a outra, eu fiquei completamente alucinada pra fazer essa viagem JÁ! Senti como se estivesse viajando com você! Muito obrigada e parabéns!

  7. Acabei de voltar do Deserto do Atacama e o lugar é realmente muito incrível! A paisagem é única e muito especial. Quero muito voltar e conhecer um pouco mais desse lugar.

  8. Muito inspirador!
    As fotos de vcs ficaram fantásticas!

    Fui até o Chile neste ano, mas com meus pais que ja tem alguma idade, entao tive que seguir um ritmo mais calmo e confortável.

    Quero muito voltar e conhecer o Atacama e podem ter certeza que vcs fazem parte desta inspiração!


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