The European summer always promises high temperatures and if you're trip scheduled between Junho e Setembro, to Barcelona, ​​this post is for you. Are 7 praias da Catalunha, Close to Barcelona. After all, why bother staying in Barcelona? The most tourist city (hence the most crowded) if you can explore a region full of beaches and beautiful places.

both Costa Brava as to Costa DouradaThey are part of the Catalan coast. Both are filled with small and quiet pristine beaches. Ranging from the long sandy beaches, and speaking of Europe, to the beaches which are small villages with church, castles and even Roman amphitheater by the sea.

Aviso importante: If you are coming to the European beaches go forward here manioc flour is allowed! Very common we see people taking, tomatoes, sandwiches, vegetables and berries to cool the 40 degree heat. Do not be shy, go on the market, buy a thermal and take your picnic - do not forget the little bag into the trash! 😉

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7 Beaches in Catalonia to enjoy the European summer


172 Km from Barcelona

Praias da Catalunha

It was love at first sight! For me Cadaqués is a little piece of Greece in Catalonia.

A small village jam on the mountain, full of white houses that end up standing on the sand. They are small beaches, decorated with boats of fishermen anchored and some quite stones.

Cadaqués was the resort town chosen by none other than: Salvador Dali. He, who lived nearby in Figueres, chose to buy a beach house to spend your vacation there, for inspiration. Cadaqués is stamped in several of its arts and today the painter's home turned museum. Read too: Salvador Dalí Museum Figueres.

Read on: Cadaqués.

Not stay in Cadaqués:

Hotel Tarongeta - located 150 meters from the beach the hotel does not allow the hosting of children.

Hotel Sol Ixent - a little further from the beach, the hotel is located in Cap de Creus Natural Park overlooking Cadaqués, one of the points that Salvador Dalí liked to enjoy to stay to enjoy the city and the sea.

Platja D'Aro:

107 Km from Barcelona

Praias da Catalunha
Platja D'Aro

A larger beach that has more structure and a sea suitable for bathing! There are countless resorts overlooking the sea.

The turquoise blue of the Mediterranean Sea is the perfect invitation for a quiet holiday. The seaside promenade is all taken by pleasant and tempting bars and restaurants are inviting to take a sangria while you relax and contemplate the scenery!

Not stay in Platja D'Aro:

Park Hotel San Jorg & Spa - one of the best view of Platja D'Aro the hotel is located high on a rock, with direct access to Bella Dona Coves and Cap Roig. Pool overlooking the sea.

Hotel Aromar - a hotel just standing on the sand, with most rooms overlooking the sea and newly renovated. perfect option for those who want to spend the day at the beach.

Daro apartments - for those who prefer the convenience of an apartment Daro the apartments offers a wide choice of accommodation all close to the beach.

Tossa de Mar

104 Km from Barcelona

Tossa de Mar - Photo: Jesus Abizanda, via Flickr

They say that here is the meeting point of the famous and the most wealthy. But who would not enjoy staying in a beach that has a castle and a fortress composing the scene? Not bad!

But Tossa de Mar is so close to Barcelona (and Platja D'Aro) rolling a knock-back just to know this beauty.

Besides the beach, I recommend entering the Villa La Vella, the walled town of Tossa De Mar. Postcard this city.

Not stay in Tossa de Mar:

Boutique Hotel Casa Granados a boutique hotel with all the refinement of Tossa de Mar, located in an old city mansion just 150 meters from the beach and overlooking the fortress city.


41 Km from Barcelona

Praias da Catalunha

At a leap of Barcelona, ​​you can choose: go by car or train. The town of Sitges is so good, I recommend spending the weekend there.

It's not great, but it is extremely pleasant and calls for more than a quickie visit.

More than 10 beaches spread by its edge and has for all tastes and styles: nude beaches, gay beaches, pet friendly beaches and even a beach with a foot practically little church in the sand.

Sitges is full of picturesque corners. Its historic center all photogenic, reserve charming cobbled streets with whitewashed houses.

Want another reason to visit this city? Sitges is the land of the Bacardi family. A modernist building in the old city center offers an experience with the drink and also an immersion in the city's history. If you love a mojito, this is your chance to prepare the best mojito of your life. If it does not, just ask one at the bar and have fun. 😉

Sitges is also famous for being a gay destination.

Not stay in Sitges:

Hotel Port Sitges - located near the beach, but a little further from the city center. Port Sitges offers a swimming pool and views of the sea.

Romantic Hotel Medium - lives up to its name, with its charming romantic decor the hotel is located 400 meters from the beach.

Hotel Medium Renaixença - located in an old house Renaissance hotel keeps the decor of the nineteenth century, with a central location and near the beach.


100 km of Barcelona

Praias da Catalunha

Tarragona is one of the main cities of Catalonia and maybe the beach is the last thing you go enjoy there. So if the goal is cool, I recommend more than a day in the city to get married attractions and another swim.

Former capital of the Roman Empire, the Iberian Peninsula, Tarraco, as it was known, is an invitation to an immersion in the history of this period. The Roman amphitheater overlooking the sea, the Roman Forum and other attractions are on the list of things to do in Tarragona.

Close to Barcelona, ​​you can reach Tarragona by car or train.

Not stay in Tarragona:

Plaça De La Font - located in the center of Tarragona, near the main attractions of the city.

Hotel SB Ciutat de Tarragona - also located in the center of Tarragona, with rooftop pool.

Apartment Tarragona Center - apartment located in the city center with all the comfort that an apartment can offer.

Cala forn

147 Km from Barcelona

Praias da Catalunha
Cala Forn

Tiny and picturesque Cala Forn is my achadinho here! Incidentally, my favorite beach and summer when the knock on the door I knock card there.

Praias da Catalunha
Cala Forn

Cala Forn is close to Tarragona, if you chose to spend a few days in the Roman city can give a quick getaway here to discover the paradise of Catalonia. The beach is quite small, so I recommend you arrive early, clear water of the bay and warmer than other beaches that are more open. With good structure for visitors - bathroom and a chiringuito, I mean kiosk.

Delta del Ebro Natural Park

170 Km from Barcelona

Praias da Catalunha
Ebro Delta

A mouth of the Ebro River, forms a biosphere reserve and Ebro Delta Natural Park. Full of salty lagoons that make the joy of flamingos, and also numerous rice fields that satisfy the visitors who are looking for a beautiful Paella (rice, as is known in Catalonia) the economy of the region revolves around agriculture, fisheries and tourism.

The tour is due to the extensive beaches that seem to have no end. Upon entering the road to Punta de la Banya you will be surprised to come across the sea painting on both sides of the car window. 😉

The extensive and windy beaches are the perfect invitation for those who enjoy water sports that need wind as an ally. If you are not a fan of this kind of sport, you can at least admire the colorful sky with many Kind Surf that adorn the landscape.

Not stay in Ebro Delta Natural Park

Birds & Nature - Located in the Natural Reserve Delta de l'Ebre, the Birds & Nature is only 400 meters from the beach on the outskirts of Amposta.

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  1. Que praias maravilhosas, adorei todas as dicas. Não conheço a Espanha ainda, mas está na minha lista faz tempo e está me atraindo muito ultimamente. Que litoral maravilhoso, cheio de beleza e história, destinos de sonhos.
    Um mar azul e cristalino desses é motivo para conhecer e retornar várias vezes, se for possível, claro. Belo post, adorei, parabéns!

  2. Maitê, que post gostoso de ler, deu para aprender muita coisa, obrigada por compartilhar. Enquanto lia, fiquei pensando que não vou conseguir conhecer uma parte da Espanha em apenas uma viagem, que o ideal seria morar um tempo aí kkkk Abraços e até a próxima!

    • Márcia, obrigada pelo retorno! É vrdd, a Espanha merece ou uma viagem muito longa ou várias viagens pequenas e ainda assim é difícil conseguir explorar tanta beleza rsrs… Estou aqui já fazem 2 anos e sinto que não conheço nada desse lugar rsrs

  3. Que lindas!!!!
    Nao sei se a Tossa do Mar é realmente bonita, mas ela me ganhou em tua foto! Tarragona jà està clicada em meu mapa tem um bom tempo e tbem gostei muito de Cala Forn

  4. Maytê, como faz pra escolher uma só? São tantos elementos interessantes: igreja pé na areia, ruínas históricas romanas, paz e tranquilidade… adorei todas, mas tenho que confessar: eu adorei Cadaqués. Pedacinho de Grécia na Espanha eu preciso conhecer, sem dúvida!! ?

  5. Estivemos em Barcelona no outono, pegamos um friozinho até. Ano passado estivemos na Espanha o verão mas não fomos para esses lados. Anotei as dicas para quando voltamos ao país, minha enteada mora em Madrid e agora temos mais uma razão para estarmos de vez em quando por aí. Amamos praias e pretendo voltar no verão :).

  6. Realmente há muitas praias bonitas na Catalunha, com a Costa Brava do ladinho de Barcelona! Sitges é minha queridinha pro fervo do verão, Tossa del Mar é encantadora… dessa lista falta ir pra Cadaqués, acredita?

  7. Nossa, essas dicas caíram como uma luva! Estava planejando uma viagem pelo litoral da Catalunha na próxima semana e não conseguia decidir o destino – graças ao seu post, minha próxima parada será Sitges! 😀


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