Running away from the trivial places of Portugal, I even order propecia online australia Gruta da Moeda. Santo Google, thank him and all the travel blogs 😉 that as the passport with pepper are dedicated to discovering new places and report the best tips.

The experience was incomparable, imagine that right under my feet there was a place like that. Not in my wildest dreams (I assure you, I have many) I dream of that.

First of all, I am not a fan entering underground. I had an experience in Chile, where I met a coal mine that left me a little tense. But after the cave, I changed my mind and walk beneath the earth can be interesting.

We went down 45 meters deep. An impeccable structure, paths and lighting for anyone spending perrengue.

Gruta da Moeda
Cave of the Currency

Very well preserved, the first application was: do not touch anything! Once inside we found out and understand the reason for the request. Hand fat creates a black spot in the formation, preventing the growth of stalactites and stalagmites. They are what make this place so special.

Gruta da Moeda
Cave of the Currency

The guide showed us that unfortunately has very tourist (can cuss?) That does not respect. And attacks with his nervous hands.

But here everyone is sensible does not it? We continue the tour with the little hands behind?

The cave does not have any natural light, so that we tourists can live the experience is required 2,000 lamps to drive in the 350 meters route.

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The formation of a cave depends on the chemical and mechanical work of groundwater and physical properties of the ground. As chemistry has never been my forte, I needed the help of a source to write this post. All information about the formations have been removed from the site itself Cave of the Currency

Gruta da Moeda
Cave of the Currency

Upon entering the cave, one more warning of the tab: use creativity!

Use and abuse it, here you will not be judged and no one will accuse you of having used drugs. Alligator, shark, pastor, dome, crib, all with a little imagination you can see the formations that seem to have been carved by hand.

Find the alligator in the photo below? 😉

Gruta da Moeda
Cave of the Currency

There we were, walking through an unimaginable universe for many. The guide who accompanied us was as quiet as that place. Slowly it was explained to us how everything was formed and still form. A cave in constant change, our eyes almost impossible to notice the difference, but it is.

"The cave is not the product of a static phenomenon. It has its birth and evolution to reach maturity, when it comes into destructive process until it disappears. "

Throughout that difficult to explain (to a student who killed the chemistry classes) I turned off the button: chemical reactions, and cranked the: admire every detail!

Gruta da Moeda
Cave of the Currency

With this button activated, adding my high creativity, I could see a parallel universe inside the alligator, shark, pastor and others were easy to identify. It's how you look at the sky in a full day of cloud and play to imagine what they look like? The forms come to life, and the silhouette of each of them take you to a new scenario that is inside your head, as the scene of the neighbor, may be completely different.

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The lighting, the sound of dripping water and the artificial sound that sounded the notebook speaker almost made me float so Zen that I was. And every new path, the guide called us to the land: Help your step.

We went down slowly, still at the top could look down between the cracks that have opened in the earth. From up there seem impossible to get there.

Downstairs, which already looked amazing was even more inexplicable. We bow our heads up high, numerous getting Aurogra without doctor estalactites. Different sizes, shapes and thickness.

The Get More Info estalactite They are the most frequent. They begin their training on the ceiling and they form a column to reach the ground.

The growth rate of these tubular stalactites varies from place to place and from season to season, but according to studies carried out in different parts of the world, get more o crescimento anual é da ordem de 0,3 mm

We look around us and more numerous estalagmites.  

The water dripping from the ceiling of a cave to reach the soil begins to form a stalagmite.

Gruta da Moeda
Cave of the Currency

Both tend to come together (if any jerk put hand therein) reaches when a stalactite stalagmite is formed a column. Can you imagine how many years it takes to form a column?

Gruta da Moeda
Cave of the Currency

Stalactite and stalagmites, give life to the cave. Of different sizes, we look at a space full of them, some descending from the ceiling, others rise from the ground, some are straight, while others a little pies and the question that remains: will they meet and form a beautiful column? Some are already able to prove that yes, missing very little to join, but perhaps we are no longer alive to see this. In others, it will take thousands of years to get there.

Gruta da Moeda
Cave of the Currency

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In a determining moment, all the lights go out, so that we can feel the space. Do not see anything, the feeling is peace (again), the silence takes over the cave and bottom only the sound of the waters that flow there. Then, with help from my phone, the guide illuminates the scene and then a surprise. As if we were in a diamond mine, where the flashlight was pointing an intense glow, like a gem, we saw the cave in another way: dark and bright. The silence goes away, and surprised expressions take group account. We were facing a real treasure.

Gruta da Moeda
Cave of the Currency

The site was discovered less than 50 years pursued by two hunters and a fox out of curiosity are the cave. For us, in the century. XXI, the Grotto is only accessible by car and is 7 km from Fatima, 15 km from the Batalha Monastery and 128 km from Lisbon.

We only thank for the preservation of this space and giving the opportunity to live this wonderful experience parallel.

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  1. Maytê, que lugar incrível! Primeiro que nunca tinha imaginado esses cenários em Portugal – como ainda conheço pouco do mundo! Segundo, quanta perfeição! Encontrar tudo isso sob nossos pés… Imagino que muita gente vive sem imaginar que o mundo pode ter tanto pra nos mostrar, mesmo nos lugares mais inesperados. Eu adoro visitar grutas, me dá um medo de entrar embaixo da terra – assim como você, já fiquei bem assustada algumas vezes, mas depois de estar lá dentro esqueço os medos todos para admirar esse mundo paralelo e lindo! Adorei a Gruta da Moeda! Imagino a sensação de ver tudo isso iluminado pra você ir passando 🙂

  2. Desde que visitei uma gruta maravilhosa na Itália central, chamada Grotta di Frasassi, comecei a me encantar por esse tipo de lugar!
    Diferente da Gruta da Moeda, a gruta italiana foi totalmente adaptada ao turista, que caminha por uma passarela e que não é permitido nem mesmo fazer fotos!
    Claro que a infra-estrutura parece estragar o local, mas lendo o teu post, consigo entender perfeitamente! São poucas as pessoas sensatas e educadas!
    Das tuas imaginações, creio ter conseguido ver apenas o jacaré! Imagino que pessoalmente seja mais fàcil das asas à criatividade!

    • Ju, anotada essa dica =D rsrs… Após a visita pela Gruta da Moeda me tornei a louca da gruta, quero conhecer todas rsrsrs

      Pois é, infelizmente mtos não tem noção do mal que causa tocando onde não deve e por esse motivo todos nós somos prejudicados. =x


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