Get a car and get to know a destination with calm and tranquility, it has lately been my style of travel. I believe that this way you can really know a region, its culture, cuisine and its people. It was in this climate, to want to discover Chile, we decided to make a piece of this car country! From Puerto Varas to Santiago, more than 1,000 km in a trip over there different.

Discover Chile, the Atacama and began if you have not read our post, click here. Calama, fly to Puerto Varas and our choice of accommodation for the next two nights was a hut - Green Hut Native, Was a great choice to stay all together and super cozy for 4 people, with a small fireplace to heat accompanied by a good wine, to initiate in our second part of the trip!

Day 1 - Around the lake Llanquihue

We woke up early because we had to pick up our car and start the journey we'd rodar 200 Km, quietly, to go around the buy Pregabalin usa Lago LlanquihueWhich is situated in the region of the Chilean lakes and is the second largest lake of the country, the lake is surrounded by villages charming with German influences and around two volcanoes - Osorno and Calbuco, both active volcanoes, including Calbuco came into erupição in April 2015, just a week after which we had returned (medoooo).

Lago Llanquihue - Chile
Lake Llanquihue - Chile

In the summer this area fills with tourists due to the numerous outdoor adventure sports, as in winter left us to enjoy the place is beautiful, enjoy the chill and you want to venture into the sport, you can choose to ski.

Choose your preferred climate and play.
Leaving Puerto Varas, we follow for Petrohué park a beautiful park that reminded me a little Yosemite. In the summer the number of activities is much higher, but in winter it loses nothing in beauty and worth to walk there and make some tracks that reveal the true beauty of the park. The water there is something without words, a green mixed with blue, a stunning beauty. There are very quiet trails to do, small with an average of 30 minutes of light walking and worth you spend part of your day in this park, so the recommendation is to leave early from Puerto Varas so you do not get counted time. Another option is to book a full day to the place (I believe more in the summer). The scenery of the park is even more complete when you spot the Osorno in the background, completing that picture would be perfect.

Parque Petrohue - Chile
Petrohue Park - Chile
Parque Petrohue - Chile
Petrohue Park - Chile
Parque Petrohue - Chile
Petrohue Park - Chile

Continuing our route, we went to the Osorno Ski Resort, The way there is already amazing, because as goes up you will have a view of the lake and just so you account of their size and how great it is, we do not skied since it was not our goal, but I can imagine as skiing is amazing with that view.

Estação de esqui de Osorno - Chile
Ski Osorno - Chile

then we went to Frutilar for me was the most awaited day city. But it was impossible to beat the park (that I did not expect much), not that the city is ugly, boring or anything of the sort, she's cute, but the park was the star of the day!

Frutilar, the city of music! This definition was very clear so we parked our car, we heard one bagpipes, a pleasant sound from a deck advancing into the lake with a whole charming structure, continued walking and a little further, we saw a sculpture on the edge lake was a grand piano, which served as inspiration for the two lovebirds, a couple of young people that were dating without fear of being happy and then a little walk (just the same, why the city is very small) and we got to the theater of the city.

Futillar - Chile
Frutillar - Chile

The theater is considered o maior do país and linked here melhor teatro acústico já construído na América do Sul. Every year the traditional music festival held concerts over two weeks, called "Weeks Musicales" this festival takes place in late January to the first week of February. This cultural activity brings thousands of visitors every year.

Teatro de Frutillar - Chile
Theater Frutillar - Chile

I had read a lot I could not go there without tasting the Kuchen, a sweet typical German. We were already at the end of our day and we had not had lunch, in which case we skip straight to dessert and the will was having lunch and having dinner that sweet, what a wonderful thing! Among the many options, our choice was the Elves del Lago.


If you want to delve a little deeper in the history of the city, go to the Museo Colonial AlemánIt is the best place to learn about Frutillar, 150 years of history.

Finally, we return to Puerto Varas and left have lunch have a dinner. Next to our cabin had a meat restaurant and there was even decided dinner and luckily, plus a right choice! The restaurant was very good Cambalache Restaurant

Day 2 - Valdivia

Of Porrto sticks to Valdivia are a little over 200 km, already felt the Santiago.Chegando there, a disappointment, I admit that I was anxious to know this city, but I did not like. We went to the city Mercadão, but could not even get in because of the smell was very strong and I was left with a bad impression of the place, just in front has a kind of shopping with several handicraft shops, but very messy with a strong smell too and I wanted to send me soon that place. We took the car and went exploring the city, it could not be that bad! We even Kunstmann brewery which is a little further from the city, there in the region is no shortage of breweries and worth stopping at one of them to know.

The Kunstmann has a very nice option for those who want to take a different beer, they offer a "board" mini tasting with all the options of the house (20 options). As it was still "early" or lunch and we had divided this mini tasting for 4 people. The brewery also offers a restaurant which can be a good option for a German lunch, we decided to get something else and we get a good Peruvian ceviche El Huarique and was a good choice, simple and tasty restaurant, good service, fast and cheap!

Cervejaria kunstmann - Chile
Kunstmann brewery - Chile
Cervejaria kunstmann - Chile
Kunstmann brewery - Chile

then we headed to our final destination that day, the city of Pucon that was at 150 Km from Valdivia.

Day 3 - Pucon and Spa

Pucon has a lot to do if it is not raining or too cold, as this was exactly our reality had to adapt the script. They say that Puerto Varas is the new Pucon, because both cities offer adventure sports, trekking to climb to the volcano and sea sports options is strong in both cities.

I felt that the city was a little to Jordan Fields style, but there is activity option for the entire year and a romantic atmosphere. The Pucon region has a huge variety of spa, and this would be the only way out for a day of rain. Our choice was the Lodge La MontanaBecause this was one of the few options for indoor spa, closed the day package use along with lunch and it was a super relaxing day, as the spa help you relax and restaurant, plus a divine food had a super nice view. The day started just super frustrating and zen. Good, because we still had another 100 kilometers to Temuco city would be our base that night.

Restaurante do Lodge La Montana - Chile
Restaurant Lodge La Montana - Chile
Day 4 - Lota

300 Km awaited us on that day, and there was a day for different! I guess I never thought about doing what awaited us for that day. In the middle of our way we stopped in a town called Lota to know a coal mineAt first my mother and I were a little wary and excited boys with this adventure, arriving there who served us was a miner ex, I think it would be different and interesting.

Mina Chiflón del Diablo - Chile
Chiflón Mina del Diablo - Chile

One of the oldest Chilean coal mines operated between 1857 and 1990. In 2009, the mine has been declared a National Monument of ChileUnder the category of Historical Monument. After the closure of the mine for exploration, he began to study the possibility of being a tourist destination in the region.

Initially we know the small village where the miners and their families lived for several years in addition to small houses that had only a unique atmosphere to the room and "kitchen" (stove and sink) and upstairs a single room for the whole family and potty for basic needs, we also know the "small bar" and explained that there was no money, payment was a basic food basket per person who worked in the mine, but think you that at that time women did not work and only the sons that from 14 years could help their parents in the mine, then the miner told us in so many words that it was preferable to have sons to have women at the time. And at present in the house, she told us several stories, since he himself had lived there as a child.

Mina Chiflón del Diablo - Chile
Chiflón Mina del Diablo - Chile

Time to get down to 25 meters below the surface, it was very interesting to hear the stories, customs, myths, legends and even go through the experience to turn off lights and stay totally in the dark just listening to the wind.

Mina Chiflón del Diablo - Chile
Chiflón Mina del Diablo - Chile

Go through the experience of being in the dark, while the former miner had in some cases (having to spend days stuck in that place) was very shocking and never imagined someone going through it. A nothing glamorous ride, but you can make sure it's an experience!

Mina Chiflón del Diablo - Chile
Chiflón Mina del Diablo - Chile

We went to Concepcion, where we would spend the night.

Day 5 - Concepcion - Talcahuano

As only slept in Concepcion, we went to the nearby town - Talcahuano and there the goal was to meet the Naval Base, in fact we only know the Huáscar, which is the oldest ship of the Chilean Navy. The ship was built in England at the request of Peru in 1860 and was captured by Chile in the Pacific War and after the war became a memorial ship.

After this tour, we went to our last stop before arriving in Santiago - San Fernando, which was 360 km away. We arrived in San Fernando at the end of the day, the hotel was so good that we stayed there even to rest, we bought wine and cheese to eat at the hotel. O Hotel Ontiveros was a grace, an air of Tuscany, do not know if it was the colors, it was the wine, just know that I felt in Tuscany (even though I have never been there in rs).

Day 6 - Wineries

Reserve this day to meet two winery, Casa Silva- I'm not sure why this choice, we looked on the internet what were the options and choose this, simple! The winery is very beautiful and they offer tour and tasting, as it was a weekday we had thelucky not to have more tourists and made an exclusive tour. Casa Silva is a family and small winery, does not compare to the size of Concha y Toro (which was our second choice), it was very nice to have both experiences the same day, to see and understand the difference in a smaller winery and greater . Also in Casa Silva, the highlight was the bike ride through the vineyards. The site offers bikes for free for you to pick up and walk in the vineyards, we went to the local restaurant which is a beautiful place, but just not having lunch there.

Vinícola Casa Silva - Chile
Casa Silva Winery - Chile

then we headed to Santiago, and before arriving in town we went to Concha y Bull the most famous wine of Chile. THEConcha y Toro is more commercial, they do not show the process, they have more history of the winery and of course the Casillero del Diablo, also did the tasting and I found it great is that we were in the vineyards where it was possible to taste the different types of grapes, an area for tourist which has various types of grapes used in the production of wines.

Concha y Touro - Chile
Bull Concha y - Chile

And then yes, we arrived in Santiago.

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In short it was a nice super trip, as I said earlier there we know more sink the Chilean culture, a country with incredible scenery, great roads and great structure for tourists. Chile was an amazing trip and not just because of the destinations that I most want to know is Patagonia, hope to return soon!

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  1. Adorei essa tua roadrip, Mayte!
    Um dia crio coragem e faço uma também.

    Me apaixonei pelo Parque Petrohué! Que lugar encantador!
    Uma amiga foi para Pucon alguns bons anos atràs e disse que foi a melhor viagem da vida dela (e ela jà havia rodado a Europa) e desde então, fiquei com muita vontade.

    Do caminho que você fez, quase fui para San Fernando.Queria visitar as vinícolas de Colchagua e li muito texto bom falando sobre a Casa Silva. Provavelmente teria sido a minha opção.


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