And as a snap arrived in December! Many ask me: How is Christmas in Europe? So, the last month of the year arrived, with it came the cold and also the magic of this day so special! I'll report as it has been my experience to spend Christmas here and tell the curiosities and traditions of some countries of the old continent.

My First Christmas in Europe was in 2015, my first contact with the famous Christmas feirinhas was in Barcelona.

I visited nurse feira de Santa Lucia, Located opposite the city's cathedral. With the expectation very high frustrated me quickly when confronted me with little christmas decor and things nothing very attractive, who was thanked my pocket! = D

He did not have much decoration, but as he had just arrived in the city began to have the first contacts with the local culture.

I first came across a tree trunk, with eyes and mouths. Known as: еntertain tronco de Natal ou еxchange buy shatavari buy tinidazole australia cagatió flomax price accommodate ou tio de natal. Prepare this was one of the craziest things I've ever seen.

O Natal na Europa tem inúmeras tradições e na Catalunha uma delas é o Cagátio, um tronco de árvore que caga doces para as crianças
Cagátio - Tradition Catalan - Photo -Flickr

The cagatió is Christmas tradition of Catalan culture, and works as follows. On December 8, feast of the Immaculate Conception, mounts the Christmas decorations. Beyond what we already know (and typical tree decoration) comes Christmas trunk that is covered by a red blanket (because it is very cold this time of year). Children offer food to the body (usually a glass of milk and cookies). On December 25 the children return to the trunk, hit him with a wooden stick while singing a song to the trunk shit. You read that right, so that the song says: shit uncle, uncle shit ... the idea is that the stem sweet shit. Sweet ones are hidden under maintained that was supposed to warm the trunk (and deceive the children).

O Natal na Europa tem inúmeras tradições e na Catalunha uma delas é o Cagátio, um tronco de árvore que caga doces para as crianças
Cagátio - Tradition Catalan - PhotoFlickr

When taking the blanket there is the crappy whole trunk (can this production?) And filled with sweets or even goodies.

So if you come to Catalonia and give face to face with a trunk you know about what it is.

Another curious thing is that here (in Catalonia) is not Santa Claus who brings the gifts of children, but the three Magi. And much more professional than our good old man who spends the entire month sitting in that hard chair in the middle of the mall. The kings make their appearance only in one day of the year: differentiate voltaren uk 06 de Janeiro – Dia de Reis

Each city receives kings and their passing is an event for the whole city. They parade through the city and head to the town hall, where they are greeted by the mayor. This parade by which I refer is something that we can compare to our carnival parade. Trucks arrive in town (supposedly bringing gifts of children) and passers also parading is the mail truck, for duty atrasadinhos not sent the letter in time.

The show ends with the car of coal, because those children who did not behave throughout the year make a lump of coal instead of this. And believe me, if there's something that scares this pile is to say, you will gain a charcoal at Christmas if you do not behave.

I found the show and the passage of extremely professional kings, I would believe in this legend for a good few years.

Finally, here there is no Christmas dinner on 24 December. There is a lunch on the 25th of December and the kids are waiting until the day of kings to win gifts. That day is a holiday and there is also another family lunch with the famous thread of the king that is served for dessert.

Since my 2016 Christmas was completely different. I decided to travel and chose the finger destination: websites Alsácia. Considered one of the most traditional areas of Natal in Europe.

I arrived in Colmar on 24 December, the feirinhas were still in full swing. The city is not very big and she was completely taken by the Christmas atmosphere. Many stalls selling decorations and mounted also possible gifts for the date, such as handmade products, soaps, candles, dolls and bears (handmade). Here yes I found beautiful things, completely different from the crafts fair that I had visited in Barcelona.

And in Barcelona my pocket thanks in Colmar can not say the same. The vast majority of decorations and ornaments of Christmas tree are handmade, so prices are higher than we are accustomed. But they are unique pieces and for those who are passionate about this type of decoration'm sure will be impossible to resist.

Christmas in Europe, as well as beautiful and magic can be also very calorie. The feirinhas also have a huge variety of food stalls. That they are true Damnations!

The fact of being stuck with Germany, the cuisine of Alsace has a lot of influence from the neighboring country and therefore the food stalls serving hot dog with the famous German sausage, sauerkraut, pretzel among other delicacies like pizza.

The Torrone is also a traditional sweet at Christmas in Europe. Go on sale during the month of December, they are present in the Christmas street markets, but are also present on the shelves of markets and go straight to the table in celebratory lunches.

To have lunch or dinner in a place that, is not it? For it was exactly what I I did, or better did not! I played in the stalls every day of the trip without worrying about choosing a restaurant for every meal.

And to warm up, the crafts fair had several places selling hot wine (red and white). Sincerely I made the party and practically used the mulled wine as a heater (it was one after the other to keep the body warm).

O Natal na europa é sempre aquecido com muito vinho quente e o que não falta por lá são barraquinhas com isso.
Colmar - France

Even though I said I ate at crafts fair every day, I lied! I was only one day of the 3 day trip dinner at a restaurant. On December 24, as for us Brazilians is cultural make Christmas dinner that day I decided I would look for a place for a special dinner that day. Two weeks before I started trying to make a reservation, it was very complicated to find a place with availability and price within what I wanted to pay. The menus rise too, many restaurants do not open on that day and the few that open fill up quickly.

Frankly I do not think it has been worth the amount I paid for dinner! If you are making a double trip or even with some friends I recommend it highly to rent an apartment and do something at home with local products you can buy in their own crafts fair. I'm sure it will be nicer, cheaper and more familiar!

O Natal na Europa também tem barracas com queijos e embutidos
Colmar - France

I went through two other cities in Alsace, who were also having crafts fair, all always in the same style, but each one different from the other, since many of the products are handmade. Write it down: Riquewihr and Strasbourg.

O Natal na Europa acontecendo na cidade de Estrasburgo
Strasbourg - France

Tudo isso foi muito mágico! Embora estivesse longe da família meu coração estava em festa de estar vivendo dias tão lindos. Sou uma eterna apaixonada pelo clima de Natal. Sabemos que o Natal na Europa é muito mais do que apenas esses dois exemplos mencionados, mas por enquanto só tive essas experiências. Mais um natal está chegando e em breve posso atualizar o post. 😉 Enquanto isso me conta, você já passou Natal na Europa? Como foi?


  1. Deve ser uma coisa muito louca, interessante, triste e alegre se inserir em outra cultura, principalmente quando, muitas vezes, temos que nos despir daquilo que nos é caro.
    Ou adaptar!
    Preciso dizer que AMEI o cagatió e seu ritual!!!!!!! Eu conheço o caganer, que acho que é a mesma coisa ou parecido ou derivativo. Rsrsrsrs
    Até compramos um quando visitamos a Catalunha e fica em nosso modesto presépio de Natal! Rsrsrs
    Adorei conhecer mais sobre o Natal na Catalunha… não tinha ideia! Curti as variações do Natal! Rsrsrs
    Como resistir as delícias da Alsácia. Eu não teria estrutura para negar nenhuma dessas gostosuras! Seria um Natal bem guloso!
    Nunca passei Natal na Europa por isso adorei saber como é!  bjus

    • A Catalunha tem muito esse lance de “cagar” e o caganer é um deles também hahahaha meio maluco né? Mas é parecido sim, você comprou algum personagem? Acho tão divertido ver figuras públicas “cagando” rsrs parece que não tem mais o que inventar.

  2. Difícil demais escolher entre o natal de Barcelona e o da Alsacia! Eu sei que o da Alsacia é mais glamuroso, mas eu não resisto a uma bonita tradição, e o ‘tio cagão’ me pareceu uma das mais curiosas (e doidinhas). Po outro lado, fica bem difícil resistir as gostosuras da feirinha em Colmar! Eu declaro empate e quero conhecer esses dois natais tão diferentes do nosso tupiniquim 😀


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