5 classic destinations that you have to know

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There are millions of destinations around the world, often it is hard to choose the next trip. Very calm at this time, we'll help you! We list 5 classic destinations that you can not miss.

The classic attract the most tourists, but it is not for less, who does not want one pic cliché postal cards in the world? Eiffel Tower, Venice, New York, London, Rio de Janeiro ... I do not judge, I love the clichés!


This post is part of a collective blogging with 3 other blogs, Analuiza -Peering around the World, Klécia -I be travelerand Juliana -Turistando.in.

1 - Disney

Entrance to the Disney parks in Orlando
Walt Disney World - Orlando

It is no secret to anyone my passion for the company, the parks and the Disney movies. So I would have no better destination to be first on my list did not she: Disney!

This is a classic destination for those traveling with children, but I am of the opinion that the parks were not made just for them. Yes, they have fun enough, but we adults too. = DE therein lies the magic of the place, attractions and a whole complex made for two completely different audiences: children and adults.

The attendance of all establishments that carry the company's name are clean, who do you like to go on vacation and be treated poorly? Well, here it is almost mission impossible! From the first good day to your last good night, they will all be said with smile.

But regardless of whether you have or not a little to accompany you on vacation, Disney can be the perfect destination for your next trip and one thing is guaranteed - a lot of fun.

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2 - Roma

Symbol of Rome Imprial - Colosseum.
Colosseum - Rome

classic destination for anyone who is a fan of history! A city that carries important events and valuable monuments.

Traveling the streets of Rome is to travel to the past, to know deeply (or not) an important period of our history. But beyond the cultural part of the city is rich for those who just like to admire.

Walk the streets of Rome, feel the warmth and affection of the Italians, I made me feel at home. Not to mention sitting down at a typical homemade pasta restaurant and have the desire to eat 2, 3, 4, 5 times that same dish.

If you search for history lesson + good food and good people, this is the place.

Check out the post of Klécia, the traveler was to be: The Colosseum in Rome

3 - Rio de Janeiro

View of Rio de Janeiro at the feet of Christ the Redeemer.
Christ redeemer rio de janeiro

Considered one of the seven wonders of the world, UNESCO national heritage and the greatest symbol of Latin America, there it is: Christ the Redeemer. classic destination for any and all Brazilian.

Not only Christ lives the city of Rio de Janeiro, but it is symbol of the city and the country.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches of the city is also an option. By the way, did you know that of the 25 most beautiful beaches in Brazil, four are in "errejota"? According to Trip AdvisorThey are: Prainha, Grumari Beach, Arpoador and Barra.

The wonderful city has a lot of good to offer us, check here one mini guide the city prepared by Klécia, the be traveler.

4 - Barcelona


View the Art Museum of Catalonia in Barcelona
Art Museum of Catalonia - Barcelona

classic destination for those who like to enjoy the architecture of the cities. Whether or not you are in the area, it is not difficult to identify the modernist style by the Barcelona streets.

Such a remarkable architecture that makes the city's tourism practically revolve around it.

Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, Parc Guell, Palau de la Música Catalana and to the Holy Family all lead the curious and often incomprehensible features of this architectural style.

Another icon of the city is it the monumental church, Sagrada Familia, which began work in 1882 and is expected to be completed in 2026. It will now go?

In addition to the famous ways of the city, the Catalan capital has beach has an old neighborhood that looks more like a maze and have a people that loves to receive tourists.

5 -New York

Main avenue in the world - Times Square at night all lit up.
Times Square - New York

A classic destination for shoppers minds and also those who are fan of the Land of Uncle Sam.

The Big Apple has an incredible variety of attractions for all tastes and pockets. Walk through Central Park, have a click with the famous yellow cabs passing behind you and walk by av. World famous more, Times Square, are some of the clichés that this city can offer you.

The amount of museum and theaters are also huge, just choose what pleases you more and revel in a parallel universe.

New York can be for everyone, but one thing is certain: if you are looking for quiet, this is not a destination for you.

So, what do you think of my 5 classic destinations? Do you know some? For you, what is your classic destination?

We are four girls in love with travel and with lots of Ghana to explore this big world. Each of us has a look, a perception and a traveler profile, but the enthusiasm and fascination for discovery is the same and it unites us.

As I have already mentioned, this post is part of a collective blogging. Want to know which are the classic destinations of my fellow bloggers?

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  1. From your list, Barcelona is not in my for the simple fact that I (unfortunately) never set foot in Spain (despite having a stamp of Madrid! Hahahahahahah not count Airport). Disney ... good: tha knows!
    Leozinho need to be a super good boy to get drag me there!

  2. Mayte, that beautiful thing your list!
    I have a good friend who is just in love with Barcelona. Dai met you that also. It must be a sign of the universe I need to know this city!
    New York is an old love, love the madness that is the city!
    I'm living a dating the distance with Rome, I'm seeing that will not work this long-term relationship, but have not had the courage to break our ties. I think I'll keep our love affair the distance for a long time yet! <3
    Disney, I had a 'bias' and ended up going last year, a super unmissable promotion. And guess what? My God, I had fun demaissss! In all the parks! What place magical, amazing! The fireworks at the end of the night will stay forever in my memory!
    And Rio, my Rio! Love and love and hate and love again the most contrasting city that already lived. The city is too much, even deserve the national consumption traveler's dream post!

    A hug!

    1. Klécia, pelo pouco que eu te conheço já tenho certeza que iria amar a cidade =D Sobre a Disney, é mto comum as pessoas terem um “pré-conceito”mas confesso que não conheço uma pessoa que tenha ido e não tenha gostado =D RJ é mesmo uma cidade contrastante rs…ou ama ou odeia, mas como não amar? rsrs =D Que bom que tenha curtido a lista. 😉

  3. Hi Maytê ... more loved and wanted list !!!

    Disney have the best memories. A pure fantasy world and I love the world of dreams. Half of me lives there. eheheh I really want to go back to the Goofy Challenge and travel to Hogwarts! ehehe

    I have just spent an afternoon in Rome and it was intense! After spending 15 days in the beloved Florence, Rome had no chance, so I have to go back, give another chance to this powerful city for reviewing our relationship! ehehe

    Ah, the Rio de Janeiro ... Despite all its (many) problems, I love this city. Whenever I encounter Christ, get emotional as if it were the first time. I like the architecture of the city and the Big Center.

    How not to be charmed by the Barcelona Modernism. Its architecture and its geniuses. The Sagrada Familia is indescribable! A city I want to go back to explore better.

    Finally, NYC, one of the most famous cities in the world! not put my feet there, but I felt the Times Square again and again because of movies, series and books ... How to be when visiting this great classic ?!

    List more than your beloved this Maytê! even more so for those who, like me, really love a good cliché! lol


    1. Ana thank you! = D

      Tell me about it, I also love the clichés, but I'm always looking to get away from them to get lost in the streets of the cities that nobody knows and never heard of. Actually when I think about it all, I find that I'm always making excuses to meet the largest number of seats and destinations of the different styles. lol = D

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