5 secrets to better enjoy your Disney vacation

Go to Disney usually is the realization of a dream, regardless of age. It's just you say that goes to Disney that the smile of those who are around open.

This is an easy target and at the same time it can be very complex! I am a true love with this universe and I've had the opportunity to be the most enchanted parks in the world seven times. I met Disney Orlando, California and Paris.

I gathered all my hosting tips in Orlando and also on how to best enjoy the parks.

1. Lodging in Orlando

Choose a lodging in Orlando can be a very difficult task. There is no shortage there are options, you can get a little confusing to make that choice.

Disney Hotels

If you are with child without a doubt this is the best option. More than 20 options and you can choose by: price, location, theme, character and types of hosting. I good to you?

Hotels are as amazing as the parks. And staying in the complex has a number of benefits. Are they:

  • Schedules parks. Cada dia um dos parques tem seus horários estendidos antes e depois do horário normal. É uma vantagem você entrar mais cedo, pegar o parque vazio ou ficar até mais tarde repetindo as melhores atrações do dia, ou porque não os dois? 😉
  • Hotels offer means of transport for all guestsTo all the points that are part of the Disney complex: parks and Disney Springs. In addition to offering hotel shuttle x airport and vise versa.
  • Tudo o que você comprar nos parques você não precisa ficar segurando a sacolinha durante o dia todo, as lojas entregam diretamente no seu quarto. Mas se você quiser sair da loja usando as suas orelhinhas da Minnie, sem problemas também. 😉
  • Upon check-in you will get a Magic Band this will be your Disney experience, as they call it. This is a bracelet with all your information. That is what will give you access to the parks, the key will be to open your room, check-in to your FastPass (we will speak of it later), will be your Disney PhotoPass (also discussed later) and finally it can be your credit card within the parks.

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At check-in reception can register your credit card in the band and with it you can perform all purchases within the complex, food and shopping. It's crazy !!!!

Some Disney hotels offer breakfast with the characters. If you choose to stay at a hotel that does not offer this service, you can buy the breakfast package with the characters share. The amount varies according to the chosen hotel. This is also a valid option for those not staying within the complex.

Each resort has a theme, which gives life to the rooms, lounges, restaurants and leisure areas. Choose your favorite character (or your child) and head from this universe for a few days and a few nights.

If the idea is to relax and also enjoy this world of Walt Disney's tip is to invest a little more in the hotel and walking between: parks and hotel. After all depending on the age of your child, spend all day playing in a park can also be tiring.

The Disney hotels mostly are already prepared to receive Brazilian tourists. Every day, the Brazilian team increases there to better serve this audience.

If you have any problems, ask for someone who speaks Portuguese or search any employee who has stamped the Brazil flag on the badge, the same goes for inside the parks.

Like the idea? Look here for the best option that suits you and your pocket: econom, moderate category, Luxury category, category Luxury Villas.

Rent a house

If you are in a group it is good to take a look at the home rental options. It is almost always a win-win option. Orlando is full of rental properties. Condos and more condos that were practically made for this.

Of different sizes, I have stayed in a 5 bedroom for 11 people and another with 8 rooms for 17 people. It's crazy and the group needs to be tuned! You can rent a much smaller homes as well.


Our rented house in orlando

The house advantage is: first the cost. In addition to being less expensive than the hotel you can take breakfast and dinner at home that comes out cheaper. One option a little more laborious. But who does not like to tour the Wallmarte and live a true American life?

The houses usually ranging from suites and shared bathrooms, the structure is always excellent to hold this amount of people and the majority still has a swimming pool. Well, actually it's nice to have the pool at home, but I never used it. = x

Some homes offer maid service, every day or every x days, this varies greatly from the house and the owner.

To find a home, you can make your reservation by itself Booking and sides options just search for: Holiday Homes (Vacation house).

The condos are scattered Orlando is not difficult to find nearby options parks. You can find houses from R $ 350 per day for 6 people, when you split the bill will see that it is always worth and experience is a delight.

2. Fast Pass

The FastPass is a bore ethical queue. = D

Attractions that contains more lines offer this type of service and you pay nothing more for it.

For that you must follow to the desired attraction and remove the FastPass. You will receive a ticket with a schedule, for example, from 10:00 to 11:30. Within this period you should present the attraction. Access the specified entry: FastPass, and you will eliminate at least 1 hour of waiting.

Who are staying at Disney resorts use the Magic Band to remove the ticket, since those who do not have the bracelet have to use your own park entrance ticket.

The FastPass is valid per person and can only withdraw a new 1 hour after its previous withdrawal.

At the entrance to all the parks you will find maps of the parks (are always useful) it contains the information which the attractions available FastPass service. I recommend that look at it first, to plan your day!

3.Disney PhotoPass

Wants to ensure the most beautiful photo album of your holiday? Disney always surprises and parks offer professional photographers scattered everywhere.

Always ahead of the main points (Cinderella Castle, Epcot ball ...) and always with the characters you will meet with them, photographers.

Their role is to take one or more pictures (as many as you want and with whom you want) with the camera of them and register clicks on a card after you get the first, you can use the same for all days and also a single for the same group. Anyone with the Magic Band can have all the pictures saved in the bracelet.


To retrieve and view the photos you can access the site Disney PhotoPass,there you can choose the most liked and buy them (via download). Or, another option is to go to a kiosk Disney PhotoPass within parks and shops, view the photos and order prints time and free downloading on the site.

As fotos ficam ativas por 45 dias (após a data do clique) no site, ou seja pode voltar das sua férias, ver tudo com calma e comprar as que mais lhe agradou. 😉

Photographers are always attentive, possibly they will suggest various poses for the same photo. After their goal is to make you enchanted by the picture and buy it, right?

A diquinha for this moment photo shoot. Take the line to take the picture with the professional, let him do his job and then ask him to take a picture with your machine.

Photo taken by professional

It makes you have a well framed photo and professional, they will do so with great pleasure, just will not be taking multiple pictures with various poses.

Não abuse e seja sensato. 😉

Photo taken by professional

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You can purchase a package that offers you all the pictures (including those taken within the attractions), every day, for a single value.

Visit: Memory Maker Photo. Or logo on your first day search by kiosk or PhotoPass Concierge at the park entrance. Consider, maybe if you're in a large group, divide can be worth much worth.

There is no shortage of options are services involving photography: photographic assays, studios and even magical clicks. For example, the Thinker Bell sitting in your hand right in front of Cinderella Castle.

look here all the packages they offer.

4. Bottons

Being in Disney is always a celebration! Thinking about it, they created a way to turn your stay into a moment even more insquecível.

They distribute bottoms for the guests, so you can show everyone what you are celebrating.

Is your birthday, your first time at Disney, newlyweds, grooms and others ...

It's cool to walk with hanging bottoms and everybody congratulating you. = D

Eu, por exemplo, fiquei noiva lá no parque e logo pegamos um bottom marcar o momento. Durante as paradas os personagens chegavam até mim e faziam S2 (coração) com a mão, será que eu quase morri? Os cast members (funcionários dos parques) também passam a te parabenizam pelo momento e possivelmente alguns personagens farão brincadeiras com você, esteja preparado para tudo isso. 😉

To have that you do not need to pay whit, just look at the park entrance space of Guest Relations and request your. Usually you can ask at the entrances of the parks (shopping window and removed the tickets) and also in stores.

5. Pins

In addition to the bottoms, Disney sells a huge amount of pins, these can turn a collection. The brochinhos are a true fever within the parks. Often they are hung on a cord around his neck of tourists, particularly children, at the end of the day already with the crooked neck both hanging weight. = D

I have a mini collection, I bought some and others I won and I have much love for them.

My collection of Pins

Those who have not so much attachment may exchange their. This can be done with the cast members themselves who always carry a lot of them hanging. Or you can interact with visitors who are willing to make an exchange. There are meetings within the parks to make this type of exchange, ask one cast member the time and place of this exchange.

Alguns pins são raros e se você é um colecionador, tem que batalhar por eles. 😉 Todos os anos a Disney distribui pins limitados para os cast members, esses não são vendidos. Ele vem com um Mickey, que está sempre escondido e perdido no meio da estampa do seu pin. Atrás vem escrito: Hidden Mickey, esses você só vai conseguir praticando interação e trocando os seus pins.

Acho que depois dessas dicas, suas férias podem ser bem mais divertida! Se você tem mais alguma dica, compartilha com a gente! 😉

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