It was more than 5 years since I entered a classroom. And more than 8 I did not study English. He was rusty, no use, language learning is this: do not practice, you lose!

Nunca tive dúvidas da importância do inglês. Hoje, mais do que nunca, viajando o mundo e explorando todos os cantos que estão ao meu alcance, sinto o quanto é importante falar esse idioma. Não digo isto só pelo fato de saber se virar ou qualquer coisa do tipo. Eu queria ter um inglês muito mais avançado para poder me comunicar com quem eu quisesse. Viajar o mundo e conseguir conversar mais com as pessoas. Aprender mais sobre a cultura local e até mesmo pegar aquelas diquinhas que só os locais podem oferecer. 😉

I'm super in favor of exchange. I have told about my experiences living outside the country. In the same text I tell it because I could not progress with my English as it should. Spoiler: grudei in Brazilian and thought I was on vacation and not studying. = x

Flee from them, as well as the devil flees from the cross!

When I received the invitation Maltalingua to know the school and spend a week studying there I accepted on the spot. It was another opportunity to dust off my English, meet new people and get to know a new country (Malta, number 24 on my list;)).

Every Monday a new class starts, it arrived on Sunday night. I opted for the transfer offered by them since they would be staying in the school apartment. In less than an hour, I landed and was already installed in my room.

Estudar inglês em malta
Anastasiia, Amparo and I

I was eager to know the place and the people with whom I would spend the next week. My roommates They were super dear and was the first contact Amparo (Spain) and Anastasiia (Russia).

We were three women in an apartment that could fit four. Extremely comfortable, clean and with good structure.

Monday, first day of school

Test! Thus began my second-made, a level of knowledge test. Simple thing: writing, speaking, grammar and vocabulary.

Then one presentation on school. Basic rules, essential contacts, working classes. No mystery!

Finally a Tour the school. A pleasant surprise. Delicinha a terrace for breaks and lunches. And the coolest part, a pool inteirinho for students escape the heat. Thus, super funky and with a close-knit group school soon captivated me the first day.

Estudar Inglês em Malta
Terrace Maltalingua

Ready to start the studies, I went to my class, I joined with the group that was already in progress and four students who also initiated that day.

Facts about my class

I always say that exchange is much more than learning a language. Exchange is a unique experience, where we learn about new cultures, make new friends and most importantly, we began to look at the world in a different way. In a classroom with a little more than 10 people did not take me long to realize how much I had created stereotypes of certain cultures.

Living and learning!

My class had people of Iran, Hungary, Italy, Chile, Germany, Colombia, Russia, Czech Republic, Spain, Argentina and South Korea. In a week I had two teachers, one Maltese and Irish. Is there anything better than this mix?

Throughout all the lessons, teachers meant that we tell some curiosity about our countries within the context of the exercise.

Findings such as:

  • In Iran the New Year is celebrated on the first day of spring.
  • In South Korea, the baby is born with a year old.

They have become common throughout my week. Seriously, for me, it is the most interesting part of an exchange! Discover the curiosities of other countries.

Por sorte na minha sala não tinha nenhum Brasileiro. Aliás, na escola toda éramos em apenas dois Brasileiros. Que em uma semana eu só encontrei um único dia. 😉

Experience with Maltalingua

It could not have been better! The school was super responsive and employees who are also each a corner of the world are super attentive. Teachers are a mix of Maltese, English and Irish.

Given my previous experiences what caught my attention was the mixed cultures (German, Italian, Spanish and Polish are the top five nationalities of the school). The absence of Brazilian and especially age students.

Estudar inglês em Malta
the Maltalingua School pool

The average age of students was between 25 to 60 years. Having older people in the class increases, and the level of classes.

In my room had an Argentine of 67 years. I grudei that lady so friendly and cheerful that I could tell she had 20 year olds with a thirst for breaking the world.

Graziella told me he would spend one month studying English in Malta and then would spend 15 days in Croatia with a friend, also a student of Maltalingua. My smile grew on his face and thought I wanted to get at that age with that mentality and disposition.

The school knows that staff're there to study, but students also want to enjoy the island. So every day are offered tours of all kinds. Just sign up, pay (when necessary) and enjoy.

Make excursion with the school, a great opportunity to practice English!

Classes end 12:30, there is no tour that interests you go hit leg. Invite your friends room or apartment and go explore!

Malta is not big, it's very easy to know the whole island in a few weeks.

English in Malta

While I was there I received many questions about English in Malta. Indeed, many did not even know there is talk English. Completely understandable, many feel that Malta is part of Italy. (Logo more posts about Malta and its history)

Malta was once a British colony and therefore English. I got there thinking they had an English with a British accent, but it's not true, I found a completely different English and something very private. = D

Everyone speaks English in Malta? Yes! English is the second language of Malta, is the first Maltese, so it is quite normal to hear the language on the street. But any Maltese speak English. Children learn early the two languages ​​in school.

Since most of the time I spent with the school people and when I was in a restaurant, supermarket or bus people spoke English to me or feel the fact that they talk in Maltese between them. I do not think it hinders the development!

Why study English in Malta?

Price and weather!

Estudar inglês em Malta
The way to school

European English speaking countries, Malta is the best value for both the course and accommodation as the cost of living.

The warm weather and almost 365 days of sunshine a year, makes Europeans prefer Malta rather than Ireland or the United Kingdom. But if you do not like intense heat, escape of August.

As said earlier, Malta is a very small country. For those who enjoy the idea of ​​interim studies and tourism, the region is an excellent choice for ease of exploration.

A week did little to improve the language, but it was enough to get the dust and continue studying at home. If you want to step up their studies while at school or continue studying when you return home, you can choose the program online Inglês.

In Malta you can work while studying. A benefit that needs no introduction, if you want to know more about it read work in Malta.

If you are Passport reader with Pepper has 10% off in Maltalingua! = D When performing a online booking you can enter in the comments maltalinguacompimenta and you will get your discount.

inglês em Malta

Thank so much Maltalingua! = D


  1. Melhorar o inglês é sempre bom!!!
    Sempre achei que fazer isso em Malta poderia não ser uma boa pois a cidade parece ter muitos atrativos e isso poderia desviar o foco principal, mas pelo jeito, realmente é uma boa opção!!!


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