The battle between the choppy waters of the Cantabrian sea and the islet of dating websites in texas San Juan de Gaztelugatxe draws a very peculiar landscape. With the help of man, for this scenario to become even more spectacular, we can find a stone bridge that connects the island with the mainland. Breaking this little piece of Spain can be a real adventure, which no doubt will be rewarded by the visual.

The medieval setting, joined the select list of landscapes that were part of one of the most prestigious series of the moment - Game Of Thrones. If you follow, you know they do not mess around and that sometimes make us disbelieve that that place exists.

Gaztelugatxe Ilha e continente conectados por uma escadaria
Gaztelugatxe - Basque Country - Spain

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe exist! And the series in season rental.

They say that the most beautiful places in the world, requires some effort to enjoy them. So do not doubt that teho can you buy prednisone in canada Gaztelugatxe It is one of the most beautiful places in the world. After winning the first stage, all down the hill and be face to face with the island, we came across the sweeping staircase that would lead us zig zag to the highest point and the most beautiful view.

Caminho para Gaztelugatxe. Ilha do País Basco, na Espanha
Gaztelugatxe - Basque Country - Spain

There, beyond the view, we will find a small church. Closed to the public, they say that she keeps the offerings of pirates and fishermen who survived the fury Ocean. Another legend is that whoever reaches the top should ring the bell three times. Make a wish and it will be rewarded by physical exertion.

The bell chimes seem stimuli for those who are still far from reaching the top. Very calmly, each in its time, crossed with families, gentlemen, children and even dogs climbing the stairs of Gaztelugatxe. Some more easily than others, but each respecting the space of others.

By conquering the highest point, I tried to drive me to the bell and give my three chimes. Aiming to encourage those who stayed behind and of course ensure my request. What I asked? To continue meeting places as beautiful as this!

Sino de Gaztelugatxe na Espanha
Gaztelugatxe - Basque Country - Spain

Upstairs has nothing. Bathroom and bar for a beer or for a special toast. Many take their snack to enjoy a meal with a view. Since it was not our case, we recover the energies and set off for the last phase of the challenge: return! Already imagining that we would need the cooperation of our knees, to go down all that I had gone and then climb all I had gone down, we decided to rest a little more.

The return would be even harder.

A vista do alto de Gaztelugatxe na Espanha
Gaztelugatxe - Basque Country - Spain

Just in time, come say Gaztelugatxe It means "stone castle" in Euskera (Basque language). The castle I did not think, but the truth is that in the past served the local protection of Bizkaia land.

How to get:

Located north of Spain, in the Basque Country, San Juan this link Gaztelugatxe is 35 km Bilbao. Access is only possible by car. I recommend putting the GPS, because the place is not very well signposted.Once there, you will park and will have to walk to the trailhead.

Right next to the parking lot, there is a choice of bar / restaurant - Gaztelu that I used to replenish energy with a well deserved cold beer and toast with her husband and my aunt, my fellow adventure. It has also Eneperi, Which was closed at the time, but it is an option.

Tip: If you set up your base in Bilbao, I recommend you book your first day to go to Gaztelugatxe. As I said - it rains a lot in the region. Having more days to try to explore the site with open sky and no rain will make all the difference in your experience. If it does not work the first day, try the second, third ... (we did it)

Paisagem de Gaztelugatxe - cenário de Game Of Thrones na Espanha
Gaztelugatxe - Basque Country - Spain

On track

Due to the high volume of rain the track is always a snot (clay) and slippery. I recommend you go with a tennis! No chance of trying to make the trail with shoe, sneaker or something.

There is also a gazebo for those who do not want to follow to the end, to reach the observation deck will take around 20 minutes walk to a lighter stretch. And the view from the lookout, is more or less this:

Gaztelugatxe - País Basco - Espanha
Gaztelugatxe - Basque Country - Spain

We performed all the way in an hour and a half. Made with tranquility to rest and record the landscape.

Despite having seen the elderly and children performing the way I recommend only for what they are used to this kind of tour. Children are at high risk of tired and wanting to go back and seniors can fall and get hurt.

Here I leave the scenes episode of Game of Thrones where appears San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, noting that the castle that appears in the scenes there.

Check out the scene:

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  1. Que lindo esse lugar. Já estive em vários destinos onde foi gravada a série ( Malta e Croácia) e realmente é bem legal.

  2. Sensacional esta atração na Espanha, como eu não tinha assistido o filme, não tinha conhecimento desta maravilha. Com certeza eu faria este passeio se tivesse oportunidade, adorei a dica, quem sabe um dia tiro da lista, rsrs?

  3. Nossa, que lugar lindooooo! Me lembrou, bem de leve, Scopello na Itália…

    Menina, olhei a foto da escaeria e não identifiquei que era uma escada… Estava pensando: Que visual incrível deve ser dessa estradinha… Hahaha! Aja perna pra subir tudo isso, senhor!!

    E sobre a igreja, sabe pq não é aberta? 🙁

    Ah, e sobre a cena de GoT, importante dizer também que os dragões não existem hahaha 😛 Muito legal ver a cena mostrando a escadaria e, no topo, o castelo no lugar da igreja! 🙂

  4. Adoro esses lugares escolhidos para as séries. São tão peculiares e diferentes. Visitei outras locações de Game of Thrones na Espanha e no Marrocos, mas não tive a oportunidade de conhecer San Juan de Gaztelugatxe. Já anotei a dica! Espero um dia voltar para a Espanha.

  5. Que incrível esse lugar, revendo a série eu estava imaginando onde esse local estaria. Eu visitei os cenários da série na Irlanda do Norte e é impressionante o que eles fazem na pós-produção! Deu vontade de conhecer! Beijos

  6. Não acompanho Game of Thrones, mas fiquei impressionada com a beleza de San Juan de Gaztelugatxe! Um lugar que fiquei com muita vontade de conhecer. Obrigada pelas dicas, já sei que se eu for, irei de tênis, preparada pra trilha.

  7. Adoro visitar cenários de filmes e seriados, mas dificilmente consigo… Fiquei louca para apareceu esse lugar em GoT! Não fui pra essa região, mas conheci o Real Alcazar de Sevilla 10 anos antes de GoT e mais recentemente visitei Girona aí sim seguindo os passos da série.

  8. nossa, essa muralha dividindo as duas praias é muito impressionante! E mais legal ainda ver as imagens nas cenas de GOT, até porque uma das coisas legais de Game of thrones são justamente as imagens.


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