Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon

In 1903, the president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt visited the site and said: "The Grand Canyon fills me with pride and admiration, is beyond comparison, beyond description, absolutely unparalleled throughout the vast world ... Let this great wonder of nature remain as it is now not do anything to spoil their grandeur, sublimity and beauty. You can not improve it, but what you can do is keep it for your children, your children's children, and all who come after you, they may know.

And so in 1919 the site was established as a National Park!

Thank Theodore Rossevel for it and hope someday to return to this place with my children, because it is really AWESOME!

When we decided we'd make the trip from California and we'd go through Las Vegas, without much thought the Grand Canyon came to our script.

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We decided that we would know the place, began to make a brief survey of the target.

I know some people who did the helicopter ride. Leaving Las Vegas and going to the canyons, some tours even offer a picnic in the middle of the cracks, I thought, what an amazing ride. You see everything from above and lands still in the midst of wonder for a picnic? Cool this may be an option. However it did not require much research to discover the value of play, and it was not for our beak that walk. You find all the values, but the average price is $ 100 per person, we did not want to spend it all on this tour.

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

The next option and the most common was to go to the skywalk, the famous glass walkway through the canyons, it did not call us a lot of attention, since you had a super limited space to see that immensity, reading some more we found that the skywalk is not located in the most beautiful part of the Canyons, when we arrived at the part of the price, we find it very expensive for what was offered (something around 70 dollars)

Our last option was to go to the Grand Canyon National Park. This option though it was the longest (in Km) appeared in the coolest, attractive and beautiful! If it was the canyons we wanted to see was the park we should go.

.The way to the Grand Canyon
.The way to the Grand Canyon

For this, we woke up at 5:30 am because we had to drive 400 km to get to the park. We drove four hours to go over four hours to return (some say we're crazy, I would say adventurous), and I say it was the best madness adventure of this trip would never forgive me for not doing it!

Many may be thinking that time is also money, but the way was beautiful, the final destination was amazing and it was worth every km run.

The Grand Canyon National Park

Park Site

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

In 1979, Grand Canyon National Park was named by UNESCO as World Heritage, also has often been considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

The Grand Canyon, is valued for its combination of size, depth and exposed layers of colorful rocks dating back to Precambrian (which is the earliest period known on Earth, it was more than 4 billion years ago). The Canyon itself was created by the incision of the Colorado River and its tributaries. Characterized by almost horizontal sedimentary rocks raised 5000-13000 feet above sea level. The arid climate of the plateau and the power of wind and water have produced many forms of marked erosion, thus creating the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

How to get

The park is located in Arizona and there are two entrances to the park.

South entrance by Arizona State Route 64 and the north entrance, accessed por Arizona State Route 67.

The general indication is that you enter through the south entrance, the road is safer and it is also there that you will have access to the tourist information center.

The park

The park's infrastructure is amazing, after all they receive more than 5 million tourists year.

The park has several route options, the most the difficult easy, of the longest shorter. Some people camp in the middle of trails that are so long, if you are the adventure tourism style, for sure here is a good option.

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

We were in the easiest and the reward was amazing, I wonder how would the others, since they say that the greater and greater effort to reward, is not it?

Not enough long of a walk (easy level) for us to come across amazing scenery. And the very first point almost ended up with movie machine battery. There were many pictures, every step the impression was that the click would be better and was so irritated my cousin who accompanied us and no longer stand the sentence: Wow, take a picture here! Fact that after arriving home and unloading the camera, we realized that perhaps overkill.

As you walk, let's finding many stones, invading the cliff and sessação we needed to risk a bit of a view and maybe a click even cooler seemed to eat inside and we went breaking these stones. Result: the photos were amazing! It was difficult to choose one for the picture frame!

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At the end of this short trail, we found a small museum with some information the park, rock formations and the biodiversity of the site.

If you have time my tip is to stay in a nearby town, so you can enjoy the whole day in the park and can venture on some tracks than the simplest.

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon

An interesting option for those who want to make longer trails is take a look at the route of the official bus park, this bus is strolling through the main tracks, ie if you want to go to some point, but do not want to go back, you can choose by one of the tracks that has the bus stop and get him to come back.


As I said I was not staying in the area, however I get some directions and found some tips within the same site of the park.

Hotel -Thunderbird Lodge

For those going by the south entrance, all the hotels that are located in the village area and Phantom Ranch.

For those traveling by motorhome also has parking option and a village, the Village trailer

For Northern entranceGC Lodge this accommodation is managed by the staff of the National Park.

Our day was coming to an end, and we still had 400 km to go, we came back and we chose to take a small piece of Route 66!

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon


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