Already go forward: If you are hungry you better grab something to munch on while you read this post buy cheap lasix online Lisboa. Éthat St. Peter and his whole teamdo not They collaborated, and what was supposed to be a cultural trip turned into a pleasurable gastronomic journey.

Não pense que rechearei o post recheado de bacalhau. A rota turística passou longe e preferimos fazer como fazem os locais. Onde comem? Do que se alimentam? 😉

We were two of us (me and husband) and a few friends.

The first discovery came early. To escape the rain to follow Igreja de São Roque.What an amazing getaway! The church out is not at all attractive, but inside, how many treasures.

It is assumed that this is the most expensive church in Europe. Much of its decoration came from Italy around the year 1747. The building has high ceilings, but actually what draws attention is not his height, but the fact of not having columns distributed around the room. The lack of them gave us the impression that space was even greater. A nice trick of perspective.

Church of Sao Roque - Lisbon

The blue carpet caught my attention. In most known churches, it is red leading to the altar. But here, the blue contrasted beautifully with the gold. A baroque without exaggeration: the little that glittered under our gaze was broken by the delicate marble. Let's have to fess up? Less is more!

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The painted ceiling in wood carvings and the angels who were there took me to another dimension. Incidentally, the paint window, the sky gave the sign of rain was gone and gave way to a beautiful day sun.

Church of Sao Roque - Lisbon

It was only an illusion it. But we are not sugar and not play in service! Between a drop and another we find out visit their website bairro do ChiadoThe elevador de Santa Justa and Street Augusta,full of bars and "rogues" (all say sell the "best" codfish cakes and cream puffs).

The most unusual invitation came from a miner. That's right, the one who knows how to make a good cheese bread offered us the "best" pastel de nata de Portugal (which he did). I did not believe, I laugh and joke will stand not knowing if he was telling the truth or not.

Chiado district - Lisbon

Hunger tightened as much as the rain, a sign that it was time to commit the sin of gluttony.

Our first sin occurred in Pasture House, Indication of a bartender who worked in a bar whose name was well suspect: Love Pension (believe me, it was just a bar).

Who served us was a Bahian very friendly Bahia, who deciphered the menu with enough patience (yes, it was in Portuguese, but how to understand?) And gave his suggestion: Presa Ibérica, black pork, underdone! underdone pork? Yes, she assured us that we would not have problems and that would be the best meat of our lives.

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I pass! I was in the fish with risotto (of course) accompanied with a herb mayonnaise that just did not allow me to have food memories of my grandmother because my not know how to make risotto. But when I saw it, I was lost reminding me of Grandma's cozy home.

Returning to earth. The table was beautiful and a vegetarian would have a fit: meat (raw and well done), fish, octopus and duck. What happened at that same table was one invejinha (good) Dish neighbor. Would there for a week then just to prove all the menu.

Pasture House - Lisbon - Site Photo Pasture House

Ah, a presa ibérica? Quem provou comprovou: “Um dos melhores pratos que já comi na minha vida!” E olha que o Zé, o corajoso, entende de gastronomia heim. 😉

The dessert was on account of the milk cream. If you've tasted the famous crème Brûlée, go ahead. The two are brothers.

The rain seemed to give a truce. We do not think twice and ran for Convento do Carmo. This time was no ceiling to admire: the ceiling would be left to the sky (blue preference and no rain).

Convento do Carmo - Lisbon

To the music, "it was a homevery funny, had no roof, there was nothing. " I enjoyed as a child appreciate a new toy. The earthquake that passed through the city in 1755 took pity on us and let us present these ruins.

About different churches? How about the Chapel of Bones in Evora, made of human bones.

The columns and arches are all there. What once formed the main Gothic church in Lisbon, now forms a famous attraction for a little warned tourists. The facade gives no indication of what's inside. If you do not know, likely to go ahead and not between. He noted?

Convento do Carmo - Lisbon

We went down the walk to the Convent of the Chiado neighborhood. Yes, again. This district was made for this: walking, seeing the shops, walking without haste and without direction.

The first group was tired, went away to the hotel. My husband and I, active and young people who are (lie), we were just starting the night. It was time to find a couple of friends who live in Porto. It has best meeting place on a rainy day and cooler than a restaurant full of gordice, right?


just in To.B to Burger or not to BurgerA find! In the Chiado neighborhood, relaxed atmosphere and young, tall tables, pipe showing, sofas and a song a little higher than the ideal for a good night's chat.

To. B - Lisbon - Photo taken from Facebook To. B

The binge started with the entries: my favorite (always) rustic potatoes and potato chips with garlic sauce. The last was as crisp as the "crec" making the propaganda of any potato chips around.

I heard hamburger? Check out where is the best burger in Dublin.

But the burger I opted for Honey Goat (Goat cheese, honey and mustard). Anyone who knows me well knows that this would be my choice in the right (I am a bit predictable with such things).

The verdict:

The bread was cuddly, juicy flesh. The melted and with all his power a good goat cheese cheese. The mustard and honey, my darlings ... I could not go wrong that combination. I have been wishing for a return to Lisbon.

Leaving a bit of gluttony (you?): If you, like me, is in love with pots of crockery, here's the golden tip. Very close to hamburger, there is a shop that sells Dish kilo. Yes, crazy. Ceramics in LineA plump store pots for you to be happy. Just choose the color and model, put in the balance and carry the weight of the rest of the day.

The very next day, we had? A beautiful sunny day!


By coincidences of life, that was the day that we gather all our friends who were in town. Now we were a group of ten. The whole gang is the city of Itu, that while it is "sold" as the city where everything is great itself is small and everyone knows everyone else.

It was the day tour Aunt Mayte (if I). we walked by Sao Jorge's Castle, Climb ruins, went down the stairs, took pictures on the balconies overlooking the city, we did everything we were entitled to, just do not find the dragon (bad joke = x).

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I like a good guide, could not fail, we continue to Belém Tower, Irresistible.

Every first Sunday of the month in Lisbon, the entries of all the attractions are free and for that express purpose, you can imagine the size of the queue to climb the tower. And who wanted to lose calories with the practice of exercise? We really wanted was to gain some more tasting the famous site here pAstel of Bethlehem!

Belem Tower - Lisbon

Also had to queue and it was not small, but in a very organized and quickly in less than half horinha we were each with a four crayons box in hand.

Not cool swearing here on the blog, but imagine an ugly well. It was He who let go when biting crayon Belem (the original) warm, creamy and yellowing. PQP, it was very good indeed.

The Monastery? With queue! Just imagine what happened? We eat! Guilt soon hit then not for gluttony, of course. But for having left behind as iconic location as the Jeronimos Monastery. But you know what? Sometimes we left behind good reason to return.

Jeronimos Monastery - Lisbon

Time for lunch, so we went to the Pharmacia. A restaurant that is located inside the pharmacy museum. The chef Happiness (her name) not given us so much joy as well.

Oops, let's go party. The chef, yes, gave us joy and happiness, the food was good and such. But the service ... left to be desired much, despite the restaurant being very well indicated.

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Pharmacia revolves around the concept of a pharmacy (of course). The bottled water and drinks are served in all "foreign" containers, vial, medicine bottles and so on. The place is super cool and you really offers a fun atmosphere.

Pharmacia - Lisbon - Photo taken from Facebook Pharmacia

As you know, we were in ten people, we did our homework and we called ahead to reserve a table. We got there and it seems that accommodated us in a medicine box. Asked to change table, they were told it was not possible (the restaurant was empty) and it left us very frustrated.

The idea of ​​the site is to share happiness (food) through foods in small portions, which all can share. We asked ten portions for a table of ten people. If you're good account already understood that in the end one serving per person was enough.

The concept of sharing has become a mixed salad and eat cod, shrimp, octopus, potatoes and meat (2 portions of each for each sample at least some of each type of dish).

End of story: everyone left happy and full belly. I was just upset by the service have been very bad in such a nice location.

We chose not to get dessert there. And Aunt Maytê already had a card up his sleeve: the Gelato Devvero.Surely leave any Rochinha, Dilleto or Baccio di Latte to shame. In addition to the amazing taste, creativity for the preparation of flavors is fantastic.

Gelato Devvero - Lisbon

Among the many traditional options, I found the unusual: salted caramel, basil, ricotta cheese with nuts, wassabi, carrots, nuts and so on (the flavors vary much of the day).

Are you curious to know what I tasted? Basil and apple pie. Do not even echo. The most tasty and refreshing was the Basil. With so many friends together also tasted ricotta and salted caramel - approved too!

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Time Out Market It was our final stop. Yes, yes, yes, after lunch and ice cream we went to the market at first in order to know. But it did not take long for us to find a table and buy the first bottle of wine. Then each tried one restaurant that most pleased him and sent see.

Time Out - Lisbon

The space is super cool: haute cuisine, affordable, all together and mixed. A huge shed, the center several long tables shared. Each of respecting each other's space. Giving back in the shed and embracing all tourists gathered at the tables, restaurants selling all kinds of food and drink: Cod, snacks, tapas, ice cream, wine, soup ... All happy, each with their choice.

General balance? São Pedro was brother. Lisbon is a delight. Green juice for the next 10 days!


  1. Ah, Lisboa!!! Tenho que concordar com você Maytê: a cidade é uma perdição gastronômica. O jeito é se deixar levar, sem culpas ou restrições e aproveitar tudo o que essa cozinha tem de bom!

    Também pegamos um ou dois dias de muita chuva na cidade! Uma noite, estávamos na rua e parecia que o mundo ia se acabar!

    Que linda a Igreja de São Roque! Que teto maravilhoso! É tão bom estar em contato com o que é bonito, bem feito, bem construído, não é mesmo?

    Ah, Maytê! Você perdeu! O porco preto é uma das carnes mais saborosas que já experimentei na vida! Divino! Toma coragem, menina e experimenta da próxima vez!

    Duas dicas preciosas você deu que me fazem querer voltar ontem para Lisboa: o Pharmacia e a lojinha de cerâmicas que eu amo essas coisas!

    Que delícia voltar à Lisboa com você! Que delícia reviver alguns lugares! Adorei! beijos

  2. Maytê, covardia esse post! Primeiro porque você me atraiu por uma paixão,a gastronomia. Vim esperando as comidinhas deliciosas de Lisboa e você ainda me presenteia com arquitetura maravilhosa da cidade. Ganhei dos presentes num post só! Linda a Igreja de São Roque, Lindo o convento do carmo. E meu Deus, preciso comer um pastel de belém em Portugal, isso é uma missão de vida.

  3. Que fotografias tão bonitas! O Convento do Carmo é dos meus sítios favoritos em Lisboa. E tens razão, o Chiado foi feito para passear e nos perdermos nas ruas. Apesar de viver junto a Lisboa, adoro quando posso turistar por lá! Quanto aos restaurantes, já ouvi falar (muito bem) de todos, mas ainda não estive em nenhum. Tenho de ir!

  4. Esse era o post que precisava ter lindo nas duas vezes que fui à Portugal. Acreditas que não comi tão bem quanto todo mundo fala? E nas duas vezes!! Mas mesmo assim não desisti e tenho planos de voltar hehe

    Dani Bispo

  5. Maytê! Salivei e ri do início ao final deste post. Fala sério, que passeio mais gostoso em todos os sentidos! Vocês tiveram muitos bons motivos para colocar Lisboa de novo em um roteiro, e como! Que neste próximo o sol reine! 😉

  6. Aff, engordei só de ler este post! ahaha Mas gostei muito do jeito que você o escreveu e as fotos também estão ótimas. Chuva e turismo não combinam, não importa o quão otimistas as pessoas tentem ser, mas parece que você não se incomodou muito e tirou bom proveito da situação!

  7. Olá Maytê, que post legal !

    Uma das melhores lembranças de nossas viagens por portugal também foi a comida, que maravilha foi aquilo.

    E Lisboa com certeza foi um dos pontos altos… o pastel, o bolinho de bacalhau, os frutos do mar… muito bom! 🙂

  8. Ahhhhh, Lisboa!! Me apaixonei por esse lugar tão encantador que sequer estava na minha lista de destinos. Aliás, minhas melhores viagens sempre aconteceram por obra do acaso… Excelente post, Ma!! Traduziu bem toda a magia aconchegante e acolhedora desse lugar que sempre deixará motivos para voltarmos ❤

  9. São dicas muito boas, ainda que não tão desconhecidas assim. Eu amo de paixão o Convento do Carmo, acho uma das igrejas mais impactantes da nossa capital. Outra que incluiria no roteiro é a do Rossio, que ainda tem marcas do terremoto de 1745 e dos incêndios que o seguiram, nas suas paredes.
    E os pastéis de Belém? Bem merecem um palavrão cabeludo

  10. Tem muitos anos que não vou a Lisboa, mas em novembro matarei essa saudade! Adorei essas dicas e já anotei para não deixar de fora do meu roteiro! Principalmente o Convento do Carmo, que eu nem sabia que existia, mas já amei pelas fotos. 😉

  11. Acabei de voltar de Lisboa e seu post me deixou com saudades e vontade de ir de novo! Tantas coisas que não conseguimos ver por motivos mil (o convento estava fechado), mas fizemos alguns passeios parecidos, e a comilança foi deliciosa como de praxe em Portugal!

  12. Maytê que delíciaaaa de texto!!!

    Se não for pra fazer esse auê gastronômico eu nem viajo! hahaha

    O que eu mais gostei nessas dicas para comer em Lisboa é que você realmente fugiu do óbvio, hein!?
    E o melhor, se deu muito bem! hehehe


  13. Ainda bem que eu segui seu conselho e peguei um biscoitinho pra comer enquanto lia o post. Tô doida pra voltar pra Lisboa e seguir suas dicas!

  14. Estou amando suas dicas. Já estive dias vezes em Portugal, mas voltarei em julho, acompanhada da família toda. Dessa vez, faremos uma viagem mais longa, passando por novos locais. Certamente aproveitarei essa sua experiência para descobrir novas paisagens e aproveitar dessa gastronomia maravilhosa.


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