Have you ever imagined living in Dubai? It will certainly be a very different experience! The Gabi, our calls are living in Dubai and tells how was the adaptation there and a little about the culture of the city and the country.

You will be amazed at the customs, food, religion and even habits that seem to be the same all over the world, such as taking a cab, there may be different and an adventure!

By: Gabriela Fernandes.

Hello, My name is Gabriela and I was born in the interior of SP, Itu. Where I lived until I was 28 years old. Today, almost a year and a half live in Dubai in the United Arab Emirate come and tell you a little of my life experience here.

Well, the reason I came over here was to work on an airline based in Dubai. I was working as a flight attendant in Brazil and after 10 years working in TAM decided I wanted to change rs airs live outside the country, fly to a company that traveled pro everybody.

That was my goal.

In April 2015 I embarked on this journey. Of course it was not as easy a decision. I was too scared to leave everything in Brazil and end up not liking it here. After all everything is very different, religion, customs, language, climate.

As much as Brazil is hot in summer, nothing compares to the 50 degree heat we've got here. And it's no way to talk, not 50 degrees marked on the thermometer! It's like entering an oven, or in a sauna every time set foot on the street. Despite all the places here have air conditioning (up to the bus stop which is kind of a "capsule" closed air-conditioned) sometimes you have to walk one or two blocks and feel the heat burning his face.

bus stop in Dubai

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Before I moved I came on holiday with my mother to finally meet Dubai. I met a girl who worked for the same company and she gave several tips me and took me to know the building where she lived and the company's facilities.

The company is great, I have no complaints. The structure is huge, they give all the support here. They who took care of my visa, my room and my transport to the airport. I live in a large apartment with 2 bedrooms and share with Bruna, which lucky destiny was already my friend in Brazil for aaaaaanos. We did the selection together in Brazil and always joked that one day we would be toasting in Dubai at Burj Khalifa. And is not that turned you? At least part of being in Dubai, toast we toast at home even if it's cheaper. = D

I'm flying to places you never knew existed and I'm learning a lot about other cultures. Even after one year and a half still catch new destinations on my scale every month!

Here the official language is Arabic and English so language was not a problem. Although I hate not knowing what they are talking about when they start talking in Arabic, but okay. Market products is written in Arabic and English, the road signs also ... well, language is not the problem.

Now religion, this issue is complicated.

Of course I researched about the Muslim religion before coming, but nothing compares to live and live with it.

I remember to this day the first Ramadan I spent here. For those who do not know, Ramadan is a period of one month (which varies from year to year) where they fast, go without food or drink from sunrise to sunset. Of course we as Catholics do not have to do this, but as a matter of courtesy and respect should not eat or drink in front of them. So imagine, you have to go without drinking water inteeeeeiro the day that calooor you doing here !! The solution was to take a bolted to the bathroom and drink my hidden aguá. Also can not smoke and do not chew gum (as it is, not a taczinho tic). Also most of the restaurants and bars close, so do not left you much other choice but to cook at home even.

Morando em Dubai e desfrutando das belezas do Miracle Garden
Garden Miracle Garden - Dubai

Oh, another thing we found strange at the very start: woman has a separate place of man. In Brazil, the only thing that is separated is the bathroom, which has the masculine and the feminine. Here's all. The input from various places have "female input" and "male input." In the subway there is the cabin only for women and children and the others are for men. The residential buildings has a gym for women and another for men, sometimes to the pool is separated! Of course, if you are only pro center of Dubai where all the tourists watching the Dubai mall, Burj Khalifa you will not notice these things right ?! Only living here. It's like dress, in theory you should cover your shoulders, do not walk to anything short or low-cut, no need to wear abaya (that "dress" black that Arabs use) but have to be careful, because depending on the place you may be barred or until asked to leave. But again, if you are in the tourist places you will see people wearing everything.

Turismo – O que fazer em Dubai

Much here is different from Brazil and this post would be huge to write everything, I will try to summarize:

- Do not buy liquor market, only in "cellars" and for that have to be licensed. Do you think in hotels, restaurants and clubs but they are expensive. Ex: a beer glass of 350ml R $ 40.00.

- Pork is not allowed in their religion, you will find in some markets, but are reserved for wards, like a "porn" section of a video store.

Supermarket in Dubai

- Everything is fruit and vegetable is imported obvious why here does not grow nothing but fruits are not as tasty as ours and are very expensive too. Eg. A strawberry box R $ 30.00, R $ 30.00 5 tomatoes ... Finding place natural juice sale then, almost impossible!

Morando em Dubai vida normal na piscina do apartamento

- It is forbidden display of affection in public, kissing on the mouth so do not even think, even husband and wife. There is no sex outside of marriage (says the legend rs) then to you live together must be married. And I myself went through this for it's looking for home to live with my husband and they ask for the marriage certificate as proof!

Morando em Dubai e aprendendo os costumes locais
Plate - Forbidden any kind of affection

Anyway, Dubai is a place that deserves to be visited yes. It's unlike anything! A mixture of race, religion, customs that find it hard to see elsewhere. When I think that 50 years ago all this was desert, it's unbelievable! Today you can find everything here, many multinational companies to work for, great entertainment, beach, desert, ski slopes, shopping malls (is what most have, and are always full rs)

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Morando em dubai e esquiando no meio do deserto
Skiing in Dubai

Oh, another thing, just for being a new place theoretically, address here is something kind of incomplete. Many places have no street name or number and the houses (even my building has no number!), They are guided by tourist spots or landmarks. If you were on vacation will not have much problem because everyone knows reach the main attractions of Dubai, now living here is very complicated, pick up taxi can be an adventure. Give a miss Brazil, where the taxi drivers always know where to go.

In fact I have missed many things in Brazil right? There is to be no, everywhere will have its positive side and a negative side. Have been to many beautiful places that make you look into the sky and thank God for life, the opportunities, but nowhere is it as the country's people and the house of the people.

It sounds cliché but it is when you live out that we value the small things feisty of Brazil!

I'm very lucky to work in aviation so I can go home every 2 months or so (there are 14 hours of flight) and there I take to kill the longing for everything and everyone and to Pack the little things that make me feel more close to home.

Morando em Dubai - mudar de país é ter que encontrar nos amigos os nossos familiares.
Dubai with friends

I love the security that I have here in Dubai and love that I have to pay tax, but I miss simple things like a good barbecue, pork, missed the fresh fruit all year round, natural juices in abundance, French bread warm with butter, morning coffee smell, sit down to have a beer (or caipirinha) friends, June festival of longing, meet friends by chance on the street or in the market, go to the beach and have shrimp porçãozinha on hand and miss my family.

But we will skirting the nostalgia as you can. Thank God that there is Skype and WhatsApp to make us feel a little closer why even think of staying here for the next four years. Let's see how things go walking right? You never know where life will take us, and I love to let her take me ...

Morando em Dubai e desfrutando das belezas da cidade
Burj Al Arab - Dubai


  1. Olá… dizem que viajar (e morar fora) é ter que aprender a conviver com saudades. E assim vamos vivendo. Deve ser uma experiência interessante viver fora de nosso país, ainda mais em um tão culturalmente diverso. História para contar é que não deve faltar.


  2. Que orgulho Gabis….
    se eu já tinha vontade de conhecer, agora então estou ansiosissima.

    Perfeito o resumo, como td q vc faz sempre né amiga!
    Amei as fotos…
    Parabéns e muitas mais descobertas pra vc… pra compartilhar com nós meros mortais ?

  3. ola eu tenho vontade de ir a passeio, e vi que no fantastico eles fizeram uma reportagem que em dubai estão construindo o meior parque tematico do mundo e eles ja fizeram uma reportagem nele, voce sabe dizer se ele ja esta aberto ao publico, valores e se esta totalmente onluido?

  4. Ei, amei seu post.
    Moro em MG e penso em fazer um intercâmbio e trabalhar ai. Tenho várias dúvidas, Mas é tao difícil achar algumas informações, principalmente para mulheres.

    Você acha que é fácil sendo mulher arrumar emprego ai? Faço engenharia Civil aqui e também penso em futuramente arrumar algum emprego não área, acho difícil pois deve ser predominantemente masculino me?!

    • Débora, segue a resposta da Gabi – autora do texto:

      Olá Débora,

      Aqui tem emprego pra todas as áreas e tanto pra mulher quanto pra homem. Eu não sou da área de engenharia civil, mas dizem que aqui eh o paraíso pros engenheiros… tenho conhecidos brasileiros aqui que trabalham na área e eles falam que eh mto legal pq não existe tanta burocracia como no brasil e as obras ficam prontas muito rápido! espero que de certo de vc vir pra ca! Nem que seja soh pra visitar e explorar as opções ?

  5. Olá ! Sou Cláudio, 48 anos, de SP. Pesquisando intercâmbio para trabalho no exterior, me ofereceram Dubai. ainda brinquei dizendo: QUEM FARIA CURTO DE INGLÊS EM DUBAI !?
    Mas, como procurei interessado em emprego, a resposta foi relacionada a minha procura.
    Dei uma passada rápida pelas mensagens, mas gostaria de saber se é fácil conseguir um emprego qualquer para se manter em Dubai. Sou da área de TI, ,especificamente VOZ, com experiência em infra estrutura de call centers. Mas não penso em ir e conseguir emprego na minha área logo de cara.
    quero saber se consigo um EMPREGO, ter recursos financeiros gerados no local, fruto de trabalho e então, posteriormente, fazendo curso, desenvolvendo, conhecendo melhor o local, buscar recolocação na minha área.
    Outro detalhe é: O QUE SERIA UM EMPREGO QUALQUER e SE COM ESTE “EMPREGO QUALQUER”, SERIA POSSÍVEL viver bem. Considere VIVER BEM, ter alguma grana sobrando, pois na minha idade, deixaria duas filhas no Brasil e a ideia é que eu faça investimento na educação delas por aqui.

    Alguém me ajuda com mais detalhes, indicações, outros grupos, foruns …

    Grato !

  6. Olá, Maytê! Meu marido recebeu uma proposta de trabalho de 60k AED por mês + benefícios + assistência médica + patrocínio de visto. Dá para viver com esse salário? Não temos filhos. Muito obrigada!


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