Aroma and Citron - Discover Menton - the last city in France

Menton is the last city of France - known as the city of lemon.

Menton is a grace, a treasure in the French Riviera. Without much spotlight, luxury and Hollywood stars as their neighbors, scattered around the Riviera, the city is full of bossa, fascination and seduction.

Almost with one foot in Italy, Menton is the last city in France. Place that Queen Victoria chose to stay when he met the region of the French Riviera. Some doubt that the place is amazing?

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Known as the Lemon city, because the amount of crops, fruit blooms almost all year round and so the city wins the citrus aroma and intense colors spread to every corner you look.

citronFor us the lemon, is the star of the local cuisine.

Menton is the last city of France - known as the city of lemon.

So if you like that ingredient will be happy with the amount of products that are manufactured with him in this city: limoncello, lemon ice cream, olive oil with lemon, lemon jam, preserved lemon, lime soap, lemon essence and so on ...

If not already enough, know that the amount of lime produced in the city is so great that annually takes place Fete du Citron. Yes, lemon festival, which usually occurs at the time between February and March. Three-week festival, 140 tons of lime to build cars, towers and sculptures with fruit.

Lemon Festival in the city of Menton
Lemon Festival - Menton - Photo withdrawal of Wikimédia - By Perline

Do not worry, that everything is not wasted and what was art for the eyes at the end become art for our taste. They saw jams and jellies.

Go through the streets of Menton was affectionate, sweet and soft, no sour and acid like lemon.

We started at center-history.

Picturesque narrow streets invite you to walk and explore each of the city's streets. The colorful buildings of amuse and delight those watching in contrast colors. Yellow with blue, orange windows with green shutters ...

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Menton is the last city of France - known as the city of lemon.

Restaurants move forward on the sidewalk, just calling you to choose one and sit.

We choose and sit!

We ordered a beer to ease the heat. The setting could not be better: outdoor table with tall trees blocking the sun in bother. Ear a mixture of French and Italian background and listened to the voice of a gray-haired gentleman singing Ipanema girl with a nice accent, and the villain followed every note of that song. I felt at home!

Menton is the last city of France - known as the city of lemon.

The beer was almost gone and the next stop would be on the beach.

But I did not want to be right on the beach, feet in the sand. I really wanted to stand in front of the beach: He, I, the sea and the colorful buildings.

Menton is the last city of France - known as the city of lemon.

A bright and vibrant art scene facades overlooking the sandy shores.

For this, we need to walk to the stone barrier that invaded the sea, carefully walk on the rocks, and find our little corner of delight.

We take the time to admire. If there's one thing I like to do in my travels is this: to admire! Well, that's what I did! Besides us, only a few seagulls were the perfect company for the moment and even the noise they made sounded like music to the ear.

The town has the Basilica Saint-Michel-Archange, which is high above the city. After a little carelessness on the stones and a twisted foot acabaou our tour there. Has given neither to be sad, my tourist heart had already fallen in love with Menton, the city of lemon.

Monaco is very close to Menton, you can make the two cities on the same day.


  1. I was reading this sentence and filling the eyes and the desire to mouth: limoncello, lemon ice cream, olive oil with lemon, lemon jam, preserved lemon, lime soap, lemon essence ... Everything looks delicious and tempting for me to love citric and strong fruit flavor!
    Quanta coisa gostosa! E fiquei encantada com o festival! Como é engraçado pensar que tiram tanta gostosura e alegria de uma coisa tão amarga, né? 🙂
    Visit Menton is already a life mission now, hopefully I can combine with a trip to the festival.
    – Espero que não tenha acontecido nada sério com seu pé, Mayte 😉

    1. Pois é! Se eu te der um limão faça uma limonada, no caso eles criaram uma cidade inteira rsrsrs… Com certeza, eu gostaria muito de voltar e poder participar do festival 😉
      Não aconteceu nada sério não , obrigada! 😉

  2. Maytê that city more cute! I'm crazy about lemon. Since small place and squeeze the fruit with salt and water. I was reading this article with water at the wedding so much hot thing (and amazing scenery!). I loved to know Menton for you. Certainly I put the city on my list when visiting and come here again to tell you! Bjs!

  3. Adorei ler teu post, Mayte!
    Incrível como Menton tem cara das casas da costa Ligure (quem copiou de quem? rsrsrsrs)
    Mas o que mais me deixou intrigada é que eu não me lembro de nenhuma cidade da costa italiana ter plantações de limão e comecei a salivar com a quantidade de doces que a cidade produz. hummmmmm

  4. Adorei Menton: que cidade mais linda! Ainda especialista em limão?! Me ganhou totalmente! Eu adoro limão (espremo sobre qualquer comida) e tudo o que é feito com ele.

    Ainda bem que deu para aproveitar esta bela cidade antes da torção no pé!

    Um dia em Colônia, na Alemanha, a única coisa que aplacou minha sede e calor, foi picolé de limão! rsrsrsr bjus

  5. Nunca tinha ouvido falar dessa cidade. Tanto lugar interessante no mundo, incluindo na França. Adorei a escultura de limões, quanta criatividade. Fiquei com bastante vontade em conhecer

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