The magic of Mont Saint Michel attracts thousands of curious who want to see the dance of the tide turning fortified town on a small island lost in the middle of the sea. If nothing else this rare phenomenon, the beauty of the abbey that was built in San Miguel de Monte ridge serves as a magnet for tourists arriving at the foot of the hill and discover the journey that awaits them.

Discover this picturesque place of France is not so simple, requires planning and understanding of how the site works. Then check out all you need to do to meet can i buy Premarin over the counter in uk  Mont Saint Michel.

O que fazer no Mont Saint Michel

What you need to know before visiting the Mont Saint Michel

There is a walk any and so I recommend a lot of planning and organization to this day. First you need to know that Mont Saint Michel is not marooned every day. This is considered a rare phenomenon that happens a few times a year, so if you want to see it completely marooned is necessary to monitor the dates of high tidesAnd, of course, observe the times for anything wrong that day.

Needless to say that this is the period in which everyone would like to visit the place, so if you make a point to know Mont Saint Michel in his ilheta version runs to plan and make your reservations.

Cool down! If you can not visit the site during the period of high tides all is not lost. You still have a chance to watch the tide rise and fall and see the long awaited hill landscape being reflected in the water.

O que fazer no Mont Saint Michel

The tide rises and falls every day. It rises more days and days rises less. Follow the daily calendar showing you how to be the tides day by day, throughout the year, buy liquid nolvadex australia acompanhe os horários where it begins and ends the movement. O Coef It means the time that the tide will come. When I visited the coef was 49 and forward, but it is low. = X recommend, if possible, if you plan to get something above 80.

O que fazer no Mont Saint Michel

Well, understood how the tide you need to understand how the infrastructure and logistics of the site.

Infrastructure and logistics of the Mont Saint Michel

There are some lodging options within the fortifications of Mont St. Michel, but would not recommend. To get anywhere in the fortifications is necessary to walk through narrow streets of stone and depending on the location up and up and up. Does not enter car on site.

There is a 2 km walkway that separates the fortified city of Mont Saint Michel and a closed village with structure of hotels, restaurants and even a small shopping. The runway, only authorized cars and pass the bus that takes tourists. The bus runs from 7:00 to 00:00 and is free. But for those who are not staying in this area, should stop on an even more distant parking, walk to the bus stop, keep walking or even, as many do. The buses come and go every 15 minutes.

O que fazer no Mont Saint Michel

I was staying in Hotel La Digue. The first hotel of the village, overlooking the Mont Saint Michel. I was pleased to take two breakfasts with a spectacular view.

Just I saw advantage in staying there. We woke up early to watch the sunrise, we enter the fortifications of Mont Saint Michel while still empty, we took the bus with just a couple inside. We know the whole place quietly went back to the hotel, rest a bit, we returned to the ramparts to watch the sunset, we had dinner there and returned late at night to our hotel. All very comfortable, quiet and in our time.

So I sincerely recommend hosting inside the gate.

Experience the Mont Saint Michel

The place is magical and get there, take a walk and go is not enough. Trust me and do the complete package. Without a doubt I recommend, spend an evening on site and dedicate 24 hours to explore the Mont Saint Michel.

It was 7:30 and I've found myself in the hotel breakfast. Which theoretically would be overlooking the hill, if not for the fog that agreed with me and hid completely the big one. The next day I got my breakfast order. 😉

We do not give up and made lemon lemonade. We climbed the drone and did amazing pictures above the fog.

O que fazer no Mont Saint Michel

We proceeded to the hill, around 8:00 we were within the fortifications. That whole damn place was for both of us, or almost. Some other people were also searching photo of an empty and quiet location. Each step one click, with only an alley between the bottom and the upper part I followed photographing everything that was possible. Arriving at the high end and dwell on the walls felt in heaven! The mist was still there and this time lower than us, covering the entire beach and leaving it even more fascinating.

O que fazer no Mont Saint Michel

We proceeded to the abbey entrance, which opens at 9:30, with our tickets in hand (purchased in advance) stick queue honestly and passed in front of two Chinese groups and one Japanese (uffa what a relief).

Buy your ticket online.

The Abbey

It all started when Archangel San Miguel began making appearances in Avranches bishop's dream, asking to build a place of worship in his honor. After the third appearance a small chapel was built inside a cave in honor of San Miguel. Today exposed at the top of Mont St. Michel Abbey, is the victory of the forces of good against evil and the final judgment is who leads souls to be heavy. It is considered the guardian of the kingdom of France.

O que fazer em Mont Saint Michel

A small oratory, San Miguel won a chapel and was in 966 that the Benedictine monks founded the Abbey. Mont Saint Michel begins to be known throughout the kingdom by the San Miguel miracles not long to become an important center of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages. Donations from pilgrims helped raise the Abbey dependencies that won spaces to house pilgrims and welcome the faithful.

Today you can visit the abbey about 22 rooms, including the dining room, bedroom, reading room and of course the church and cloister with its beautiful view. The numerous reconstructions of the site, is the abbey a building with different architectural styles.

O que fazer em Mont Saint Michel
Cloister of the Abbey

The location of Mont Saint Michel difficult invasions, but were the pilgrims who helped protect the holy site and was in the Hundred Years War that the site gained its fortifications that are still there today. It is considered a protected place, the fortress and the sea.

O que fazer em Mont Saint Michel

After being considered a national symbol of resistance against the British the place begins to fall into decay for lack of interest on the part of the religious. The place gets a few rooms that serve as dungeons for the monks who had committed crimes. The period 1793 to 1863 the abbey becomes a huge prison with more than 14,000 inmates.

And after this sad period of the Abbey, the management of historical monuments were in charge of the site and worry about the restorations to keep this important monument of France.

The village

When we left the abbey, around 11:00 am I hardly recognize the place. That same place I had passed at 8:00 am was a real anthill. I was in shock! Many, many, many people even. I thanked him for having had the opportunity to see the place still empty and able to see anything.

The village still retains medieval traces, we entered a cafe down the main street and left him towards the wall and there was a seemingly more peaceful place we continue our journey and exploration of the site. By now a little discouraged with the crowd and luckily we had already seen everything that was possible. So, we chose to leave the fortifications and go walk on the beach and make records beautiful place.

Every care is little here. First there is rather a certain difficulty walking there, since the place can be wet depending on the level of the tide hours before. It is not recommended to go too far, as the tide can change and start climbing. We were right next to the walkway which was more than enough to enjoy and photograph.

O que fazer em Mont Saint Michel

We had lunch there and to theorize the possibility to go to Saint Malo, a small nearby village of Mont Saint Michel. But we ran a serious risk of losing the sunset, we went to the hotel to rest and came back at 17:00 to the foot of the hill to watch a real spectacle. I'm the crazy sunset and that was really stunning.

O que fazer em Mont Saint Michel

Omelettes of Mont Saint Michel

O que fazer em Mont Saint Michel

The La Mère Poulard omelettes already turned symbol of place. When I returned from my trip to Normandy, what else asked me was, and the omelet is good right?

First of all, let me quickly tell why the omelet is so famous.

La Mère Poulard, became known at the time was serving as the omelet to the pilgrims who passed through the Mont Saint Michel and were often stranded on site. It is a cheap and fast food to make the omelette was made to the mountains, as well as the cookies of La Mère Poulard which were distributed to the children who accompanied the pilgrims.

What he's different? The omelet, although it is very large, very light and with a very specific texture. It looks like a foam, which may please or not the taste.

It is served as a single meal and you can choose an accompaniment. Trust me, it is very well served. The omelet is not stuffed like most we know, it's an omelette with accompaniment.

Although you can eat elsewhere, La Mere Poulard offers original. Thus, it is worth a visit to experience the experience in Mont Saint Michel altogether.

Do not forget to make a reservation. 😉

Although not known Mont Saint Michel islet version, I returned happy and fulfilled for one more experience in my traveling life. I said, but I repeat, the place is magical and worth a visit calmly.

Pertinho de Mont Saint Michel você pode explorar uma vila de pescadores muito charmosa, a charmosa Saint Malo, o pessoal do Fui Ser Viajante passou por lá e contou como é o local.

O que fazer em Mont Saint Michel

We visited the Mont Saint Michel at the invitation of dC Hotels in partnership with Center Monuments Nationaux


  1. A França sempre me surpreende! Muitos lugares lindos para conhecer!
    E você mandou muito bem indo cedo, porque até a luz da foto ficou melhor.

  2. Que lindooooo! Nossa, já tinha visto muitas fotos do Mont Saint Michel, mas não sabia da história do lugar. Adorei seu relato e suas dicas, perfeito. Obrigada.

  3. Um lugar diferente e inusitado, sem dúvida. Deve mesmo ser um experiência marcante e inesquecível andar por estas paragens. Mesmo não vendo a estrutura ilhada, valeu muito, pelo visto. O claustro da Abadia é lindo e sua trajetória interessante assim como a história do omelete. Só por sua simbologia, o sabor já deve ser diferente dos habituais. bj

  4. Amei seu post, uma verdadeira experiência, cheia de dicas valiosas para aproveitar melhor este destino tão incrível.
    É um dos meus maiores sonhos, ainda hei de conseguir conhecer o Mont Saint Michel e ficar tão fascinada como você, estando alí pessoalmente.
    Que os anjos digam Amém! rsrs

    • Renata tô contigo, França é um destino para ser aproveitado pouco a pouco e infelizmente alguns destinos ficam para dpois. Mas não tenho dúvidas que não irá se arrepender se adiantar ele aí na sua lista. rsrs

  5. Fomos 2 vezes ao Mont Saint Michel, a primeira fizemos um bate-volta partindo de Paris e foi bem corrido principalmente porque tivemos um erro de entendimento quanto à distância, eram 140 milhas e simplesmente lemos 140km! Alugamos um carro e seguimos. Ficamos tão apaixonados que quando saímos dissemos que iríamos voltar. E isso aconteceu 11 anos depois. Na primeira viagem fomos no outono, da última em pleno verão mas organizamos a data de acordo com a maré. A água subiu bem no comecinho da madrugada, ainda consegui ver um pouquinho dela ao redor do monte. Ao contrário do que você sugere, nós preferimos nos hospedar dentro do monte, queríamos sentir todo o astral e energia daquele lugar mágico e foi maravilhoso, pra nós a melhor opção, o hotel era puro charme e tinha uma vista linda da entrada do monte. É um destino especial que todo mundo deveria ir antes de morrer.

    • Cynara, que bom que conseguiu voltar! Confesso que ainda não risquei Mont Saint Michel da lista, gostaria de ver o local com a maré cheia.
      Quem sabe na próxima tento a experiência de me hospedar lá dentro. 😉

  6. O mont Saint Michel é daqueles lugares que a gente acha que não existem de verdade. Parecem cenários de filmes. Ainda não tive a oportunidade de ir, mas morro de vontade e adorei saber mais sobre esse lugar encantador. Obrigada pelas dicas!


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