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Estrasburgo - Alsácia - Destinos Românticos

Valentine's Day coming and cliché in sight post: The most romantic destinations to visit. But after all, what is a romantic destination?

Well, for me every trip I made with my husband (next to the ideal company) became romantic getaways. But it is true that some have trips that won me over and made me sigh beyond normal.

The theme is already cliché, so do not expect to find cities such as Venice, Paris, Florence ... leave these cities to other authors, here our passport is always spicy and this is oursecret. So, I selected 5 destinations that will make you want to catch the next plane and fall in love not only for his company, but also by the available destinations.

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1. Alsace - France

Often overshadowed by the brightness of the Eiffel Tower, the Alsace region passes beaten by tourists. It was part of Germany now part of France. With much sausage earth influence, its cuisine is pretty much German, but do not lose the charm and the charm of French villages.

Colmar - Alsácia - Cidades Românticas
Colmar - Alsace

The region has inspired the creation of the film: The Beauty and the Beast, it is little wonder that we feel in a fairy tale. If you like to walk hand in hand, this is the perfect area. The most fascinating tour is to know the Alsatian villages slowly. Admiring the colorful houses and flowers which decorated windows and streets bearing the title of one of the most flowery regions of France.

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2. Highway One - United States

Rent your convertible and plays on Highway One (California), the most scenic route I've ever met. The beauty of the Pacific will mesmerize you. Much attention, after all there are about 700 Km of pure breath. Time to go? Only you can tell, there are many viewpoints and in my case I wanted to stop at every one of them.

Highway One - Estados Unidos - Cidades Românticas
Highway One - United States

If you like I love a road-trip accompanied by good company and numerous photogenic places, this route is for you. Choose your best company, that person you can spend hours together and it's still not enough. You will be faced with an unrivaled setting and enjoy it with calm and restraint may be the best advice you hear today.

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3. Saint Paull de Vence - France

No route or regions, is now the turn of a small village. They often stand out in the list of romantic destinations, the European small towns seem to have something in common - the charm. Saint Paull is hidden on the Cote d'Azur and has not been discovered by many tourists. Although it is classified as one of the places to see before you die, many tourists pass through the area and let pass this gem.

You can choose to enjoy the medieval architecture of the village and it will be impossible to escape the numerous galleries that make the site take the nickname: Village of Artists. Or you can choose to walk around the town admiring the wall that has defended his ancestors with the Mediterranean sea floor plan.

Saint Paull de Vence - Cotê d' Azur - Cidades Românticas
Saint Paull de Vence - Cote d 'Azur

But the truth is that with the right company and the right place, the ideal is that the rush to stay outside the walls. Do everything calmly and go through the whole village, you will not take long and I doubt not fall for it every corner.

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4. Siurana - Spain

Another village will appear in the list, I said that Europe is meant to delight us with their villages. Away from all the tourist spotlight, Siurana is hidden in Catalonia on top of a mountain.

Very small but with a huge potential to join the list of their 10 favorite cities. The whole village of stone and virtually ghost invites you to know their big secret - that it is the landscape that embraces a full Siurana. Rocky Mountains that look like they were designed, a child's drawing that decided to add a small lake of emerald green and as if he had much notion of physical law jammed a small church on the cliff to give it a bit more in this place.

Siurana - Catalunha - Destinos Românticos
Siurana - Catalonia

Choose the landscape that suits you and miss hours admiring.

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5.Douro Valley - Portugal

For wine lovers, I can say that here is one of the major wine regions of Portugal. But the wine turns on the route supporting landscape. Advance that here has no sea, but it has mountain, wineries and the Douro river.

Vale do Douro - Portugal - Destinos Românticos
Douro Valley - Portugal

Travel the highways of the region, it was like falling in love again. My heart felt like it was going out of his mouth every new curve, such beauty that it was difficult to contain the spirits and enthusiasm. It was autumn and the golden took over the landscape, very kind sometimes yielded space for green go with everything and prove how nature is perfect.

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It's for you? What is the most romantic destination you've ever met?

4 girls are passionate about the world based to explore every corner of the planet. Each with its own look and your traveler profile, but the passion for discovery is the same. As already mentioned, this post is the result of a collective blogging, which each account for 5 of its romantic cities.

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  1. Great tips, Mayte
    The Douro Valley is really beautiful ...... I felt like Siurana meet and Saint Paull .... I love these villages with narrow vielinhas and stone walls ... ..
    I am very love it!

  2. Mayte, that amazing list! Ospequenos European villages it has so much charm! But I will not lie to you, that the road trip by HighWay One would be my perfect romantic walk setting. Into a car for 700km requires a lovely company, which makes you want more and more and never get tired. It must be love!
    This trip're in my highest priority list, and I know exactly who I want to take with me! <3

  3. This list is very top even Maytê and charged in love! I see hearts everywhere and I was dying to live long romance with my love in these beautiful French towns! It should be a delight to walk two by these beautiful places!

    A região do Douro é mesmo cheio de bossa e não tem como não se apaixonar mil vezes um pelo outro diante de tão magníficas paisagens! 🙂

    This passport even distributes much love spicy huh ?! bejuuus

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