The small country of Malta is a hidden gem in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Full of natural beauty is considered one of the most historic areas of the world concentration. Do not underestimate the size of this archipelago, Malta can offer attractions for several days ride. Find out with this buy provigil from uk guia completo sobre o que fazer em Malta all you need to know before getting there. Leia também: History of Malta

Things to Do in Malta


O que fazer em Malta

Malta's capital, recognized as the cultural city of Europe 2018. Valletta is a must for those who are passing by the Maltese archipelago. Besides the beautiful Co-Catedral de San Juan It is in this city that you will begin to understand part of the history of the country.

It allows me a hint? If you like to know the history of the places you visit, I would start the tour by Valletta complete with a guided tour of the city, this will help you understand a lot. check out this option our Gety Guide your partner offers.

Valletta is a city that falls in that good old cliché of some European cities: city of contrasts. When crossing the gate of the city in anticipation of entering in an ancient city, we come across a modern square, without losing the characteristic features of ancient Malta, the color of the stones.
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Vittoriosa and Sanglea

If you've read our post on the Malta Story, You know that the city of Vittoriosa and Senglea They are the cradle of Maltese history.

Both very small, do not require much time to visit. To get there, the more fun and enjoyable way is across the canal from Valletta.

O que fazer em Malta
View from Valletta to Sanglea Victorious

VittoriosaAlso known as Birgu, it seems to have stopped in time. quiet streets and quiet invite you for a walk without pre script set. Once you have stepped in Vittoriosa city head to the Fort St. Angelo to explore the place that served as a basis for Order of Knights Hospitaller of St. John.

Senglea, It is located right in front of the city Vittorisa. Perfect place for a quiet meal with a beautiful view. To get there just cross a bridge, pedestrian, and continue your walk bordering the channel toward the Tas-Serena Cafe '& Restaurant.

Since Sanglea overlooking Victorious

At least for a day of your trip, it is recommend at dusk in one of these cities: Vittoriosa, Senglea or in Valletta Upper Barrakka, The sunset there is unforgettable.

The ride up Vittoriosa can be scheduled for the same day are exploring Valletta. If you enjoy historic tours, tour and wine tasting, see this option (in English) that our partner Getty Guide your offers - Click here.


Ancient capital of Malta, has a reputation for being the city of silence. Maybe in the past, since today tourists flock to the small alleys of the walled city leaving the scene somewhat agitated.

O que fazer em Malta

Mdina It has been the background for scenes of the series Game Of Thrones, which including abuzz fans of the series can make a tour of filming locations. But of course Mdina is much more than just scenery of Game Of Thrones, city chosen by the Maltese nobility the city of silence is very well preserved. It has some attractions that you can check out our post on Things to Do in Mdina.

One option is to combine the tour Mdina along with the city of Mosta.


With just 4 km away from Mdina, Mosta It has only one significant attraction, Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady. Considered the third largest dome in Europe and inspired the very Duomo of Rome.

O que fazer em Malta

Mosta which is the most populated city of Malta, it was one of the hardest hit during World War II, who suffered 152 consecutive days of bombings. The Basilica has come to be bombed, had the sort of bomb did not explode. Today, the site is still around and visit you can see a replica of the bomb that fell.


Famoso pelo mercado de peixes que acontece aos domingos, este passeio foi uma grande decepção (expectativa é uma b%&t@).

Far from me to say that the pier with colorful boats dancing on the balance of the Mediterranean Sea is ugly, but I can not say that is the most amazing place in Malta. It is a photogenic place!

O que fazer em Malta

On the fish market, it is a fish market. Nothing but fish exposed in tents, a lot of little ladies buying fish and other seafood. Fairground picotando the animals in front of everyone with the right scales and blood spreading in all directions.

Se você não se importa em almoçar em um local extremamente turístico, aqui pode ser uma boa pedida. Frutos do mar fresco e provavelmente uma vista para o mar mediterrâneo, mas chegue cedo e com uma boa dose de paciência. 😉

Saint Peter's Pool

Right next to Marsaxlokk is the natural pool, Saint Peter's Pool. The bay formed by the waves of the sea, the place is perfect for those who love to venture out, jumping from stone to the sea. On warm days the place is packed and it's not easy to find a corner to settle, Saint Peter's Pool is not the most beautiful places in Malta would recommend only to those who really are in order to play the jumping stone.

The place is not so easy to access and has no structure whatsoever to spend the day sunbathing or enjoying the beach, there are much better places.

O que fazer em Malta
Saint Peter's Pool

The day we went, we arrived before 10am, even with a few Christian people tried to take a few leaps and soon set sail from there. The place was also full of living water, which made us even more disinterested with the idea of ​​cool there.

You can arrive by car or bus, but for the last option requires a bit of walking. Another option is to go to Marsaxlokk, Pay for the shuttle to a boatman who is offering the tour (there are many who offer) and then by boat.

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is one of the most famous attractions of Malta and that yes I agree. = THE place is stunning and even more fascinating for those who dedicate themselves to wake up early and perform the ride even in the early hours of the day (until eleven're worth).

O que fazer em Malta
Blue Groto

With a small boat over an hour or so, we enter into various caves and the color of the water was so far dark blue becomes like a magic in a clear and transparent blue. You can see the bottom and also the color of corals living in the caves encrusted stones. The reason I mentioned that you realize the ride before noon is due to sun time, which still morning invades the caves giving this impressive tone for the water.

O que fazer em Malta
Blue Groto
O que fazer em Malta
Blue Groto

Além disso este passeio é muito disputado, as embarcações são pequenas e quanto antes você chegar menos fila irá pegar. 😉

If driving, stop at gazebo Blue Grotto and be surprised by the view from above.

O que fazer em Malta
Lookout Blue Groto

The ride to the Blue Grotto will not take more than two hours, adding the offset, ticket purchase and etc ... I recommend that join this tour to Mdina and Mosta, or Marsaxlokk and St. Peter's Pool, or finally make the visit to some megalithic temple (do not know what we're talking about, running in there History of Malta to confer).

Comino - Blue Lagoon

Comino is the smallest of the three inhabited islands of the Maltese archipelago, although many say that this is not an inhabited island there is a hotel and few residents. But what really attracts tourists there and the famous Blue LagoonOr the paradise of Malta.

Blue Lagoon

Without much structure for visitors, many follow for Blue Lagoon with interest to spend all day there (I'm one of them), but ended up giving me happy with only part-time there. Malta as well as other attractions the great secret is to get the Blue Lagoon around 9:00 am, 9:30 am, just so to get good quiet place.

I wrote a post about what no one talks about the Blue LagoonI found important to bring the reality of this paradise for the blog.

If you are looking for beaches with more structure, you can marry the day at the Blue Lagoon and meet:

  • Paradise Bay
  • Golden Bay
  • Ghadira Bay

A quite another option is to know Coral Lagoon, A sort of homeless cave with transparent sea down there. Jeez, it was complicated right? Check out the photo.

O que fazer em Malta
Coral Lagoon

Access to it is not so simple and requires a walk, short, if you arrive by car, or a little longer if you arrive by public transport. The sharp stones ask very carefully to those slipper if you can go with sneakers.

O que fazer em Malta
Coral Lagoon

What to see there? The landscape is very beautiful and different from almost everything we saw in Malta and elsewhere. I was content to see the landscape from above, but there are those who prefer to venture out and jump more than 10 meters high to the sea. It would be simple if you did not have to swim through a narrow tunnel, following up somewhere where possible out of the sea and climb the jagged rocks to return to the same place. But have those who do. So every man for himself. = D

Another option to enjoy the rest of the day is to arrange for Popeye Village, a water park (on the beach) well known in Malta, having been built for the Popeye movie itself, starring Robin Williams. I opted to skip this tour but The Foreign blog girls told how was their experience there and it is worth knowing the Popeye Village.

Gozo Island

Gozo is the second largest island and got me even more than the main island. Although it has a lot to do in Gozo you can enjoy a chat back from Malta to enjoy this day and early exit towards your adventure.

O que fazer em Malta

There are many natural beauties of this island, I told everything in this post - what to do in Gozo

St Julian's Bay

This is the most lively Malta, where concentrated most of the nightclubs and bars of the island. If you are from the bustle of this class can be a good neighborhood for you to visit the night, during the day it is more a neighborhood full of commerce and business buildings.


Sliema is any city without much differential close to everything that we talked about Malta. But what attracts the tourists there is indeed a seaside boardwalk and Roman baths. Walk the boardwalk can be such a fun ride if you're there at the end of the day choose one of the numerous kiosks and restaurants to sit and have a drink.

O que fazer em Malta
Roman Baths

About the spa, are natural pools carved by the sea, a different and fun place. Exactly in a pool format, if the sea is calm you can spend the day relaxing by without major concerns. Speaking of no great concern in Sliema is very common to see beach clubs by the sea. Gorgeous infinity pools, inviting bars to spend the day and forget life. I can not leave Malta without first enjoy one of these.

O que fazer em Malta
1926 Beach Club

chose the 1926 Beach ClubYou pay a fixed price for the day (or part-time) functions as a club. It worked out nicely for our last day where we had known all our checkout was early and our flight only at night. We spent the day there and worth every penny.

O que fazer em Malta
Piccolo Padre

One of the best restaurants I ate in Malta was in Sliema, Piccolo Padre, Which in addition to a pleasant terrace and amazing views serves delicious pizza. In addition to pizza, the restaurant also serves pasta and of course many options with seafood.

Where to stay

Malta is an extremely easy to accommodate destination, since the main island is small you can choose a base and get around every day to the main attractions of the region. Whatever, be by car, public transport or excursions can be quietly around the island. If choose to hop on hop off is best to stay in one of the main towns on the island.

Staying in Valletta at first seems the best option, it is not a bad option for the ease and convenience of being in the capital and also the wide variety of restaurants in town. But it is the most expensive city in Malta.

Stay in Valletta

Palazzo Jean Parisot - A hotel apartment with a small kitchen inside the room. One of the best locations in Valletta, next to the gardens of Upper Barrakka. Breakfast included.

Excelsior Grand Malta - An excellent choice for those who like to enjoy the hotel beyond the city. Located by the sea, with private beach and a nice pool overlooking the sea. With free parking.

Luciano al porto Boutique - The boutique hotel is located in a classic Maltese building, near the city of Co-Cathedral as well as the bus station, from where you can get around anywhere in Malta. Breakfast included.

The Vincent - A modern hotel full of bossa, without losing the historical features of the building. A little further away from the historical center the hotel offers guests peace of mind. Breakfast included.

Stay out of Valletta

Strand 115 - An apartment hotel located by the sea on the beach in Sliema, with views of Valletta. bus stop in front of the hotel.

Azur - A new and cozy hotel located in Il-Gżira, with an excellent structure of bus stops and restaurants. Breakfast included.

Labranda Rocca Nettuno – Localizado em Sliema, o hotel tem piscina com vista, para aqueles que gostam de descansar após um dia de passeio.

St Julians Bay -. The hotel is located in one of the liveliest neighborhoods throughout Malta in Paceville in the town of St Julian's Bay City where there is a large concentration of nightclubs and restaurants also.

When to go

The sun is almost always there, but it is from May to October you will find the higher temperatures to enjoy what Malta has to offer to offer you: beaches. But if your intention is in fact enjoy the sea, I recommend planning your trip between late June and early September, when temperatures are very high and the sea seems to invite you for a swim.

From October to May, temperatures ranging between 12 are alreadyo 20O . Mas Malta continua com uma paisagem linda e bem menos abarrotada de turista. 😉 Não é uma má ideia!

O que fazer em Malta


I am always in favor of exploring the car places, it is no wonder that I have a post on like planning a road trip. But it is true that many places are super potential to be explored by public transport, or getting from one city to another by train, plane, etc ... Malta, in my opinion, is not this place!

Although I have read a lot about people who do recommend Malta public transport for a day I tested this option and it seemed a bad idea for those who do not like to waste time. A 10km ride cost me two hours! = x

Car rental is not a high investment, but requires attention since there is English hand. If you do not feel safe, pay a little more and rent an automatic car.

But it is true that each one is each one. For example the blog Fernanda need Traveling explored Malta public transport and enjoyed the experience and told here as: Malta without car.

Another option to conduct tours in Malta is to use the Hop on Hop offBut only recommend this to those who have a few days on the island and must do everything running.

How long to stay?

Essa é sempre uma resposta muito relativa. Eu passei 5 dias em Malta e consegui conhecer (com muita tranquilidade) tudo isso que foi mencionado acima. Porém eu estava de carro e sempre estou de pé muito cedo, 9:00 da manhã já estou curtindo a primeira atração do dia o que me permite fazer tudo que eu quero com tempo e em paz. Com direito a paradas em uma cafeteria aqui uma sorveteria ali. 😉

I would indicate 3-5 days, depending on your interest and your pace.

I wish you a good trip!


  1. Um verdadeiro guia de Malta, post super completo e que deixa a gente morrendo de vontade de já tirar o destino da lista. As fotos estão lindas. Parabéns.


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