Discover Saint Paul de Vence - the Cote d'Azur with the grace of French villages

Saint Paul de Vence - France

When crossing the wall and cross the Saint Paul de Vence entrance gate was like holding a piece of art in my hands. Position it in front of my eyes and dedicate a few hours to enjoy it.

The gray stones mingled with the gray of a cloudy day, but the Village of Artists (as it is known) was not in the select list of the 1,000 places to visit before you die for nothing. I would go in search of that little village magic.

Saint Paul de Vence - France
Saint Paul de Vence - France

It does not take me long to discover that the allure of St. Paul de Vence was hidden among the alleys and picturesque village alleys. The impression of admiring a work of art is not given simply for the beauty and charm of the place, but the artistic context is in the air we breathe through the village.

The beauty of the surroundings and the uniqueness of every corner of this place has inspired countless artists and today has become fixed address those who decided to settle in the village. The most expensive cheaper, contemporary to traditional of the art galleries are scattered everywhere and deserve to be appreciated.

As a straight trace on your screen, start exploring and walk slowly through Rue Grande, although it is considered the main street allow yourself to discover every alley you can find. Devote attention to the details and lose yourself in the charming maze of streets. Gardens, fountains, gates, balconies and wonderful windows and you will quickly understand why Saint Paul de Vence is a favorite subject for photographers.

It was in 1388 that the town became a fortified city, due to its strategic position at the top of a mountain. Today such a strategic location becomes a gift for those who enjoy a beautiful landscape. On sunny days one can see the Mediterranean Sea as background. Just walk through the narrow streets close to the wall and from time to time find the lookouts to admire another version of this village.

St. Paul de Vence lives up to its reputation, considered a small French village with little infrastructure to receive thousands of tourists who invade the town in the summer tip is for you to arrive early. In case you drive go with patience to find a parking space.

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Another option is to hire excursions services that can be purchased in Nice or Cannes.

Saint Paul de Vence - France
Saint Paul de Vence - France

The hint is clear: prepare the camera for the route. I bet it's not every day that you meanders the hills of the Alpes Côte d'Azur. Having the Mediterranean Sea playing with the color palette from blue to green, as you go up towards its final destination, is even just a beauty draft that awaits you upstairs.

I visited the region in the spring, in April. Daylight accompanied me until 20:00 and it was possible to unite Cannes and Saint Paul de Vence on the same day and without hurry.

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  1. Maytê !!!

    I am completely blown away by Saint Paul de Vence! Course, already knew the name, but had never stopped to watch it. What a terrible mistake!

    A cidade é linda e eu me sentiria absolutamente em êxtase percorrendo suas ruas, sem pressa, parada num tempo e num mundo absolutamente meus! 🙂


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