Spain goes far beyond Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Seville. The country is beautiful! And I say more: a trip is not enough to know the land of ham, flamenco and paella. So let's first: A roadmap for Spain a road trip of 15 days, discovering the secrets and charms of this country. Without leaving the two major cities outside. Liked?

We start our script by Spanish capital, there's no way most flights to Spain arrive there.

The option to rent a car, in my opinion, is always the best thing to do in such a trip. You will have more freedom to explore the most charming and lovely corners of Spain, stop any time you want for a click that remarkable landscape.

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If you already know Madrid, read our script at the end roll some tips destinations.

Madrid - 3 days

Madrid is the kind of city that you either love or hate. I Love! I do not like to compare it to Barcelona, ​​they are different proposals and different cities. Barcelona is more agitated, is younger, has beach, has GaudíHas modernism. Madrid is frantic, is more serious, has palace, has Reina Sofia and the Prado Museum, is one of the most beautiful parks in Europe (Del Retiro Park). That is - impossible to compare! Just going to draw their own conclusions.

Espanha de carro - Parque Del Retiro

Madrid is the kind of city that can be done in a day if you are too hasty and think you can see everything without delving into anything. Or in two or three days depending on your style, if you want to enter the Royal Palace, visit the Prado Museum and the Reina Sofia book three quiet days for the city is willing to give up something you might be able to fit it all in two days.

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If you've chosen to Madrid in two days, the third day to use a battering back to Toledo.

Segovia - 1 day

Madrid - Segovia: 94 Km

Arrive too early in Plaza del Azoguejo, The city is not very big, but requires a full day tour. The century Roman aqueduct. II leaves one baffled by the accuracy of each stone, which together make up the more than 160 arches that cross all the city's main square. If this is not enough to convince you to spend an entire day in the city perhaps the Alcázar and the imposing Cathedral of Segovia convince you.

Talvez eu te pegue pelo estômago. Fica, não vai ter bolo, mas vai ter Cochinillo Assado, um prato típico segoviano. Não saia de lá sem provar. 😉

Sleep in Segovia! See the illuminated Aqueduct is another must-see thing.

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Burgos - 1 day

Segovia - Burgos: 200 km

The idea is not to stay in Burgos, but in Bilbao. To dilute the trip a little longer we will make a stop in a city that is worth it. You can not leave behind the amazing Burgos Cathedral, which was inspired by the Notre Dame de Paris. The interior of this church is jaw-dropping - WOW!

We know that many do not have bag for the churches of Europe, while others are cracked by them. Well, I'm happy medium, I think the balance falls right in this and any other time. So if you have to choose ONE church to go on this trip - here - Burgos Cathedral. The Holy Family does not count, it is not a church, it is a work of art and church format = D

Espanha de carro - Segóvia
Burgos Cathedral

Burgos is not a small town, but also does not require much time to be explored. Everything is very well centered - stop the car and go exploring the city on foot. Will be a walk over there nice walk through the bank, enter the old city through the Arco de Santa Maria, take the page Plaza del Rey San Fernando e have a drink admiring the cathedral.

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Follow your Burgos trip to Bilbao are over 160 km away.

Bilbao - 2 days

Bilbao is a city that is evolving year by year, the arrival of the Guggenheim Museum put that target in the sights of buffs modern art and architecture. Brought to the city a more modern air, and from time to time has been gaining new places and buildings to attract the curious. But we can go back in time and explore the old center of Bilbao, great place for those who enjoy walking aimlessly without direction. Seven streets walkways that will make you drool by colorful buildings.

Espanha de carro - Bilbao

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If you're a fan of modern art, you will need good hours to explore the museum altogether. Otherwise consider whether it is worth entering. OK, so the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is to, as well as the Louvre is to Paris, an attraction somewhat a must.

You want to take the doubt? Guggenheim Bilbao

Espanha de carro - Bilbao
Guggenheim Bilbao Museum

The Basque region is a region that it rains a lot. If you got lucky and caught the sun, do not think twice - separate part-time to follow up Gaztelugatxe (35 Km). If you're a fan of Game of Thrones may find the place somewhat familiar, the place became the setting most darling show of the moment.

Meet the scene of Game Of Thrones - Gaztelugatxe

Espanha de carro - San Sebastian

Oman Grove - ½ day

Bilbao - Oman Grove - 45 Km

Our trip is half over, but we have a lot of beautiful things to see yet. Get up early and head towards San Sebastian, a gastronomic paradise. But even before gaining calories, how about spending them in a very unusual way: exploring a museum in the open ?!

Oman Grove, as the name says is a forest = D and in it we find art in the trunks of trees that have been created for consideration of an exact place from where we have a three-dimensional view. Is not it amazing?

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Espanha de carro - Gaztelugatxe
Blooming Grove

If you want to do as we go to Hondarribia to have a spectacular lunch at restaurant AbarkaIf you do not want to do like us, fine. Head to San Sebastian (100 Km) and start your exploration.

Where to eat in San Sebastian

San Sebastian - 1 day

The beach of San Sebastian was considered the most beautiful urban beach in Europe. So enjoy the scenery and start the day strolling along the beach, an excellent requested.

Espanha de carro - San Seb
San Sebastian

San Sebastian has good food that goes from the starred restaurants to the bars of pintxos bogged down. It is a blend of Spain and France. They palace, old center and also has an unforgettable sunset, perhaps the most beautiful I've ever seen (I've seen many). So seize the day but not weary before sunset. The show changes very fast color, ranging from blue to red, through pink and orange, incr-í-ble.

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Zaragoza - 1 day

San Sebastian - Zaragoza: 262km

Our journey towards Barcelona is beginning, but the trip did not get so tiring a break along the way, this time we will spend the night in Zaragoza.

Everything depends on the time you left, but try to get there early enough to meet her Aljafería Palace of Zaragoza, the only Islamic architecture that is conserved in Spain. The Basilica of Pilar and the city's cathedral are virtually side by side and are worth the ride.

Espanha de carro - Bosque de Omã
Palacio de la Aljafería of Zaragoza

Barcelona - 3 days

Zaragoza - Barcelona: 316Km

We are nearing the end of our road-trip through Spain. But, wait, Barcelona still has a lot to see. Whereas we take the Zaragoza road to Barcelona, ​​here we lose our morning on the road.

Barcelona is the kind of destination that no matter how many days you stay in the city, will never be enough! There are many attractions in the city, most believe that two and a half days is enough to know the basics.

Espanha de carro - Casa Milá
Casa Mila - Barcelona

Explore the arts of Gaudí, is lost by gothic, walk along La Rambla, delight at La Boqueria, climb to the MNAC (National Museum of Catalan Art) and please be sure to visit my favorite city park: Parc click here now da Ciutadella. = D

Uffa, can breathe!

Want more?

Espanha de carro - Valência

If you go back to Madrid:

One option is to return the car in Barcelona and return by train. The train journey takes three hours.

Back to Madrid from Barcelona through Valencia, it is an option. There are 350 km on the first path and the second most 350 km. The city of Valencia can be done in two days.

If you go back for Barcelona:

If you are passing through the city in the summer and has no problem with crowded cities, check out our tips on Beaches of Catalonia.

If the beach is not your thing (bad joke) we offer you some options near Barcelona destinations. Some hits back, others a little farther - What to do near Barcelona.

Now yes you know deeper Spain. What did you think of our script?


  1. Oi, tudo bem?
    Gostaria de saber se podia me ajudar a montar um roteiro de 15 dias saindo e voltando por Madrid, alugando um carro, passando por lugares charmosos. Pensamos a princípio pelo norte da espanha ou por perto de Madrid. Estamos abertos a opiniões. Gostei bem dos seus post, mas é um pouco de cada coisa que eu queria. Não sei se trabalha com montagem de roteiros, ou se poderia me indicar alguém. Somos um casal. Não gostamos de Barcelona. Preferimos interior e coisas simples seguidas de ruinas e castelos. Vamos em Maio de 2019.

    • Olá Olívia,
      Eu posso te ajudar com algumas dicas, aliás indico que me siga no Instagram também, por lá rola muitas dicas da Espanha e de lugares charmosos! Se quiser me chamar no direct do Instagram podemos conversar melhor para eu entender melhor oq vocês esperam e desejam dessa viagem. 😉 O Instagram é @passaportecpimenta


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