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The blog: Passport with Pepper

Traveling can trigger strong feelings of happiness, as well as pepper can trigger the release of endorphins. In addition, the pepper is used in food for seasoning and sharpen flavors. If the cooking seasoning is the secret to good food, our texts are well seasoned with valuable tips.

Just like any unusual dish our reports were written to be enjoyed, line by line, word by word, in no hurry to finish.

Viva this trip, pepper your life and explore different destinations!

The Passport with pepper appreciates style: slow-travel. Focuses discover destinations around the world on four wheels!Visit small villages and mingle with the locals also comes wishlist items with each new trip.

The blog invites its readers to a real journey through literal, sensitive and descriptive texts.

The Passport with pepper inspires and awakens the desire of travelers.

Plaintiff: Maytê Scaravelli

It has always been an insatiable traveler, moved to the center of the world in order to facilitate and cheapen your travels. Currently living in Catalonia, Spain, devotes his time to plan trips and rely on them in the passport with pepper. Passionate about car trips, studies hard not to miss anything in the middle of its path.

His mother does not tire of playing it has wheels on the feet. But his father said one day - she lives in the world and spend their holidays at home. They say parents know the children well, therefore these two definitions are those that best represent the author of this blog.

Encontrou o par perfeito: Chris também tem rodinhas nos pés e foi ele quem a inspirou a viajar de carro pelas estradas da vida. E o lema do casal é: ele dirige e ela dorme, acorda só para dar uma sapeada na vista. 😉

You want to know me more? Read this post - 30 things I've ever done before 30 and know all I have got ready there. = D

I invite you reader, to travel with me, shall we?