Étretat, owner of a unique landscape and responsible for the inspiration of famous writers and also painters of Impressionism. Located at 28 km from Le Havre and 212 kilometers from Paris, the former fishing village does not require much more than a day to be explored. Find out what to do in Etretat, this little village of picturesque countryside.

O que fazer em Étretat

Etretat and its landscape

Étretat is art, poetry and inspiration! It's a cliché too, after all could not write this post without saying that I felt within a framework. Or in front of a postcard moving.

The wind movement bagunçava my hair that sunny day is largely responsible for the uniqueness of the site. Arches, needles and even an elephant are some of the elements that nature carved in the limestone cliffs.

O que fazer em Étretat

The former fishing village is between two cliffs, trails offer both options to get to the top and have the feeling that the world is at your feet. It's up there that the landscape is even more spectacular, the cliffs contrast with the incredible blue of the sea water.

The same limestone which leaves the white cliffs is also responsible for the color of the sea. The element is also present in the stone beach is who provides this spectacle of colors.

Ah, remember that today is forbidden to pick up the stones from the beach.

O que fazer em Étretat

To the right side of the beach a track that does not require much effort, 10 minutes and you're on top. Also accessible by car, place the GPS: Les Jardins D'Etretat.

The Etretat Garden is a private garden, I invite you to read more about the location here on the blog: Well in Paris. The place is a garden mix in the English style, French and Japanese, with the background of cliffs.

At the garden side we find the Museum of Etretat. A quick tour of the city's history. The origin of the village, the park of the oysters that enchanted Marie Antoinette and also the military port project Napoleon. Discusses the facts about the geological formation of the place, hard times of the world wars and finally as the fame of this resort of spread before speaking so many artists, depicting and writing about the site.

Still at the top of the mountain, we find the chapel Notre-Dame de la Guarda. The original building is from the mid-1850s, was raised with stones of cliffs that were taken by the fishermen themselves on the back, from the beach to the top of the mountain. It was destroyed in World War II and rebuilt in the same place in the 50s.

O que fazer em Étretat

Already on the left, a little more effort and time. Something between an hour and an hour and a half and you will reach the highest point. I have always believed that the greater the effort, the greater the reward, so do not even need to say that the most beautiful view is that side right?

Oysters from Étretat

In addition to the unparalleled beauty of the place, Étretat had another reason to be very desirable. For years local oysters the most pure and delicious French oysters were considered. It was not for nothing that Marie Antoinette demanded that every day the night to fetch fresh oysters in town for the next day was on your plate at such a fresh oyster.

All this because there was an underground river that ran beneath the town of Etretat and flowed into the sea. This phenomenon was the oysters have a unique and distinctive flavor.

Today there are no more oysters there, but is no shortage of choices of restaurants specializing in seafood.

The village of Étretat

With so much beauty on the coast, the town of Etretat could be nothing less than a charming and lovely village. Her beauty attracted the Parisian nobles who built summer mansions on site. The fact that so inspiring, the village has also attracted many artists, journalists and writers who sought a haven to release creativity.


Maurice Leblanc, A French writer who moves from the capital to the resort and at such inspiration comes to write 19 novels that were successful in the country. Today the house of the writer is a tourist attraction and you can know your refuge.

O old city market It is located in the old market square, as you can imagine there was an open air market until a closed market was built which served as a military hospital during the world wars. Now it houses souvenir shops.

The village as a whole has a very particular architecture. Taking the half-timbered houses with wooden structure that is quite typical of the Normandy region observe houses made with small white stones and some black that clashed in construction, these are typical fishermen's houses built with stones from the beach itself from Étretat.

O que fazer em Étretat

Enjoy the city's architecture, craft shops and mostly wander through the small fringe of Etretat.

Want more? If you remain available (and time) to enjoy a walk on the beach. Walk to the arches and if the tide is low cross them. This tour is recommended to tour, to inform the tourism centerThe tide can change and catch you off guard. It will not be legal!

Where to eat

O que fazer em Étretat
View from the restaurant

Restaurant du Golf

Once in Étretat all you want is a beautiful view. Not that it's hard to get it on top of two mountains that surround the city. But be able to enjoy a good meal with a beautiful view seems to me the perfect combination.

Although it is a little confusing to get to the location just put the name on the GPS. Upon arriving at the parking follow the signs. Make reservations and request a table in the window.

The coldest day was conducive to a soup. Creamy leek nuances and shredded duck. A balsamic vinegar wire dotted with croutons. A complete dish for me would be no problem stopping there. For the main course, cod, for my taste a little unsalted but the whole dish was quite tasty.

To know Étretat, I recommend a knock-back from Le Havre. find it out Things to Do in Le Havre.

We visited at the invitation of Étretat CC Hotels em parceria com a Oficina de Turismo de Le Havre.



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