Rouen, main city of Normandy is located at 130 kilometers from Paris. The city already has inspired Claude Monet, was the scene of the tragic end of Joana D`Arc preserves houses from the Middle Ages, takes us to a journey in time through the Gros Horloge, and as if all this were not enough, ate brûlée best of my life.

O que fazer em Rouen


We are right in the city center, in Rouen Cathedral. Place that inspired Claude Monet to paint his series of 31 paintings, known as The Rouen Cathedral series. Impressionism painter used and abused their lighting techniques to paint the facade of the cathedral at different times of day. The result? Thirty-one different frames.

O que fazer em Rouen -
Some of Monet's works - printed on a postcard

To appreciate one by one would not be a bad idea. But unfortunately you can not see all the works together as they are around the world. Not far from the cathedral, in Rouen Museum of Fine Arts you can admire one of the versions. Like many other Impressionist works, among other styles.

Facing with the cathedral, is the Tourism Workshop the city, pay attention to the windows that are on top of the workshop. Found? You will be in front of what was long Monet's studio.

Since we are in front of the cathedral, let me tell you some curiosities of the site.

There were hundreds of years of construction. The twelfth century to the nineteenth century, to get what we see today. Monet's there to prove it was worth the effort and time.

Inside the cathedral you will find the tomb of Rollo, founder of Normandy. There will also find the tomb of Richard, the Lionheart, King of England and Duke of Normandy.

If you are passing through the city between June and September do not miss the light show that takes place in the cathedral square. It is a must!


Although Rouen has suffered from bombing in World War II, fortunately it was not enough to erase all traces of the city's history. I invite you for a walk in the neighborhood of St. Maclou Church.

Before speaking of St. Maclou, back in time, back to the Middle Ages. Where houses in style Tudor, But those that look like doll, started popping. To save space on the ground floor, since fees were charged by the size of land used, they tried to expand the houses from the second. Forward, to the side, whatever ...

O que fazer em RouenImpossible to walk the streets of Rouen and not notice the boss of the houses they go above the first level. Oh, I go forward: any house you notice this boss, know that it was built before the year 1520. This is because, this year banned such constructions. One way to prevent the spread of fire and epidemics, since the houses were getting closer to each other.

The charming houses of dolls, are scattered throughout the historic center of Rouen, I doubt you do not run into one of them throughout their ride. I doubt even you do not want to click on each of them. But as I said, it is in the vicinity of St. Maclou Church that you will find a concentration of houses.

So, since we are here we speak of Rouen eye girl. St. Maclou is considered one of the jewels of the city, built in just 80 years it is one of the few churches that was built entirely in a unique style. Flamboyant Gothic is your style, the final phase of the Gothic style and renowned for the richness of details of its facade.


Joana D'arc

Most likely you've heard the story of Joan of Arc, is not it? It was in the city of Rouen that the young warrior was burned alive after being accused of witchcraft.

Before you visit the site of his death and the modern church that was built in his honor, I invite you to know the background history of the French heroine.

O History of Joan of Arc is located within the city's Archbishop's Palace, perhaps there is no better place than this to tell this story. It was right here, in this place, in 1431, which was given the death sentence of the girl. 25 years later, in the same place came a new trial review of his sentence.

The walk through history is a way to go back and be part of this story. You will closely monitor the review of the judgment, complete with simultaneous translation into Portuguese. And only then can draw their own conclusions.

O que fazer em Rouen

Now that you know all about Joan of Arc, time to go to the old market square of Rouen. This time we are facing the see this here igreja da Santa Joana D’Arc.

O que fazer em Rouen

The ceiling, from the outside, it may seem very modern for a church, but has a sense: flames of fire. Be sure to come and enjoy the stained glass windows that bring scenes of rebirth, plus numerous Bible passages.

Next to the church you will find a cross, the exact spot where Joan of Arc, the heroine, was burned alive.

Gros Horloge

O que fazer em Rouen - The visit to Gros Horloge be accompanied by Narcis, the governor of the clock, a position of great honor and responsibility at that time, century. XIV. Among its responsibilities, the curfew and warning that a new day was beginning and it was time to get up.

Unfortunately this gentleman friendly which I mean, it's just a voice. Enter the clock and get your audio guide.

Let's go?

Narcis, opens the doors of your home so that we know one of Europe's oldest clock mechanisms. Between a floor and another we discover secrets and hidden details.

You will finally understand the reasons for the Gros Horloge have only a pointer, the hours. And understand how the clock mechanism which also indicates the days of the week and also the phases of the moon.

Gradually it will in revealing the operation of the clock until you reach the bell tower. Where we are surprised with the most beautiful view of the city.

O que fazer em Rouen -

Things to Do in Rouen

Rouen is not a city too is great, but it offers a wide choice of activities: between history, art and architecture. A stroll by the Seine River bank is also not a bad idea, for a day of sun.

You will surely walk by can you buy generic viagra in canada Rue du Gros Horloge, If you are interested in shopping, enjoy this moment. And know that this was the first pedestrian street in Europe.

He gave to feel that the city is full of history and hidden secrets, is not it?

You could spend a whole day telling you what I found out. Subliminal messages on the facades of churches, trivia envelopes the buildings of the city, numerous antique shops and even on the alleys that remind us of a medieval city.

But it would not be as fun as making a guided tour of the city with a friendly French who lived in Brazil for over 20 years. To schedule a tour with Therese dear, send an email to the Oficina de Turismo de Rouen (

O que fazer em Rouen -

I can not stand me, and here are some findings. = D

The lamb is a symbol of the city of Rouen, a religious symbol that means the good shepherd, but in the city of Rouen it also means work. The basis of prosperity of Rouen, as the city was wool. It can be an activity somewhat fun to play hunting lambs.

The lambs are everywhere, just in Gro Horloge there are several. One of them is right at the tip of the pointer. The others I leave up to you.

Another item that is very traditional in Rouen are the ceramics hand painted. The craft today is the strong city, by the way is a great souvenir of this place so kind. In addition to be extremely traditional, you value the craftsman's work is in decline today. The most traditional stores are: Faïences St Romain (56 Rue Saint Romain 76000 Rouen) and Fayencerie Augy (26 Rue Saint-Romain, 76000 Rouen)

Where to eat in Rouen

Devo lembrar que você está na França, recomendo fazer  reserva com antecedência e se atentar ao horário. Os franceses comem cedo. 😉

Brasserie Paul

Service is everything! It's the Brasserie Paul deu show neste quesito, embora os atendentes pouco falassem o inglês tive um dos melhores atendimentos em um restaurante francês. Sorriso no rosto e simpatia resolvem esse problema (que não é exatamente um problema). Além do atendimento, o restaurante está ao lado da Catedral de Notre Dame de Rouen. Se der sorte, pode conseguir uma mesa na janela, com uma bela vista. 😉

Among one thousand apple leaves with hollandaise sauce, for entry. Salmon with pesto sauce with vegetables for main and cheese for dessert. Well, we are in France. I repeat a thousand times a thousand leaves that was eating praying. Thousand leaves blowing through the air at every mouthful, the warm apple with sauce and deliciously crunchy crust made my night a nicer night.

Hello, Brasserie Paul can get the recipe?

Le P'tit Zinc

The view was not the Cathedral, but it was for the Church of Santa Joana D`Arc. The communication here flowed in English even, smoothly and with a smile and friendliness.

Here we had no input, we went straight to the main course which was a pig has mashed potatoes. Simple, not exactly, was a delight. But the star of the evening goes for dessert, I've said I'm brûlée fan? May never have said it here, but I am.

O Le P'tit Zinc offered me the best crème brûlée life. By the book I slammed the butt of the spoon to break the burnt sugar, I even cream that was appropriately creamy, toasty, with vanilla flavor that danced in the mouth.

Goin to hard to write about it near the lunch hour.

Hello, Le P'tit Zinc can pass the recipe?

Where to stay in Rouen

Ibis Style - great location. The Hotel is close to everything and allowed me to discover all the city on foot. If you drive, there is a very close to the hotel parking lot. The hotel offers a complimentary typical French breakfast: bread, croissant, jam and cheese. fresh orange juice and a coffee machine where you can choose the one that pleases you.

We continue our drive down to La Havre Normandy - wait for the full post from the nearby town.

We visited at the invitation of Rouen DC Hotels in partnership withTourism Workshop.


  1. Que post lindo, Maytê! Quando eu for a Rouen voltarei aqui para pegar todas as dicas. Vou adorar ver o túmulo do grande Ricardo Coração de Leão e um tour com alguém que viveu no Brasil também é ótima dica, obrigada!


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