buy paxil review The city of Turin is not always the first, second or third choice of tourists embark for Italy. It has been the country's capital. It was the city of one of the oldest noble families of Europe, the Savoia family. City of Fiat and also the Eataly. Need more reasons? Then I will give you, accompany this post where I'll tell you: govern duralast battery price O que fazer em Turim.

Stroll through the Parco del Valentino

O que fazer em Turim:  Visitar o Parco del Valentino
Parco del Valentino

use The Turin restaurants: Valentino park is the main city park. Bordering the Po River running is impossible to pass by. Unless of course you are practicing the exercises. Otherwise the park should be explored with ease. I chose to start the day here. I stopped the car at the beginning of the park, and started slowly. Accompanied by the singing of birds and the cool air of the first hour of the day, I chose to walk from beginning to end.

O que fazer em Turim:  Visitar o Parco del Valentino
Parco del Valentino The Park is not wide, between the river and the street you can see from end to end. I chose to walk through the gardens, but not stopped going to the river to enjoy the beautiful landscape that was formed with the autumnal trees. Green becoming the most beautiful shade of yellow.

Climb the Mole Antonelliana

O que fazer em Turim: subir a Antonelliana a torre mais alta de Turim
Antonelliana tower The Turin attractions: The highest tower of Turin is the Antonelliana. With 167 meters high is one of the best places for a panoramic view and enjoy to understand some of the city's geography. They say in clear day you can see the Alps. I was lucky and was not due to just find the sights. The tower is located within the Turin Film Museum, but you can choose only one of them or both.

O que fazer em Turim: ver a cidade do alto da Torre Antonelliana
Turin View

Related Site If you are the type who is afraid of heights or do not feel very well with this kind of activity, I recommend you choose to stay right in the middle of the panoramic lift, like a rocket, it rises by the Museum of the court that is a go completely open along the 167 meters.

O que fazer em Turim: subir a Antonelliana a torre mais alta de Turim
Antonelliana tower

Explore the Palaces of Turin

O que fazer em Turim - visitar o Palácio Carignano
Carignano Palace in Turin

look what i found The Turin attractions: There are many Palaces of Turin and to know all it would take something like two or three days dedicated exclusively to it. What it is not a bad idea, after all is more beautiful than the other. I opted for the Royal Card Torino who gave me the right to 48 hours with access to all the palaces of the city and the region, quite worth it for the flexibility and freedom. Not to mention that with the card have free public transport and discounts in stores and cafeterias of Palaces.

I chose to know the Royal Palace, Carignano Palace and the Hunting Palace (soon post on the Palaces of Turin)

From 1861 to 1946 there was the Italian monarchy, when the Savoia family was exiled to the city of Turin was one of the architectural heritage sets tumbled richest in Italy.

O que fazer em Turim - visitar o Palácio Carignano
Carignano Palace in Turin

Knowing the Automobile Museum

O que fazer em Turim: Visitar o Museu do Automóvel
Automobile Museum - Turin

The Turin attractions: Turin is full of Museums, and if you like that kind of certainty with walking'll be happy with the quantity and variety that exists in the city. But a must-see: the Automobile Museum. Even if you do not like cars, venture to say that will be surprised by this. Turin is the city of FIAT, the largest car factory in Italy and one of the world's largest.

More than 200 car models telling the story of the automobile, and the exposed models are not restricted in Fiat cars or Italian brands.

O que fazer em Turim: Visitar o Museu do Automóvel
Automobile Museum - Turin

The story is told in a very illustrative way and even to lay and I managed to understand and admire the evolution of this "machine". The curator of the museum was extremely well thought out, and not only drive the live site, for every moment of this story scenarios, objects and characters help to contextualize this universe

Eat at Eataly

The Turin attractions: The Eataly concept is simple - to bring together all Italian quality food under one roof. In total there are 38 stores around the world. With a in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but it was in Turin that this concept was born. And since we are in Italy and Turin is impossible to pass up this store. We went there in order to have lunch and of course take a look on the products. Conclusion: I returned with a mass stock for the whole year! The variety of sauces for each of the masses is also to let anyone crazy, so let to visit the session after lunch foods.

The Eataly has a concept of slow food, but I must be honest: this is the least you see there. Very full one must be quiet or leave the patch for a table once seated and chosen your dish in minutes you're already eating. It was not the best Italian food I've eaten in Italy, I think the high movement of people causes them to lose some of its quality.

You will run into some mini Eatalys for Turin, but what really counts is the: Eataly Torino Lingotto the biggest one is the more variety of foods and restaurants.

Try an ice cream Italian

The Turin restaurants: I do not think I need to talk to the Italian ice cream is considered one of the world's best, is not it? If it is possible Turin has a reputation for having one of the best gelato in Italy, when in doubt I tasted! Well, as the last gelato I took in Italy is more or less about 10 years, I assumed that Turin is the best gelato I ever made in Italy. = D

I swear I took a list of places where I had to taste the ice cream, but only managed to realize two addresses and they were: Grom and really did not disappoint but it was within the Eataly Lingotto I took the best pistachio ice cream of my life.

Take Bicerin

The Turin attractions: Bicerin is the traditional drink of Turin. Cai much better on cold days, because it is a kind of hot chocolate. The drink is made with coffee, milk and chocolate. It is not difficult to find in any corner in any coffee you can taste the most famous drink in the city. But it was in Bicerin it all started. Well no need to explain the drink's name of the subject is not it?

I did not think anything of this world as many have reported. I tasted in my Caffé Fiorio, which was also very mentioned in other blogs.

O que fazer em Turim: Provar o Bicerin

So, now you have reason enough to visit Turin!


  1. Sim!!! Agora tenho ótimo motivos para visitar esta cidade que ao que parece tem muito daquilo que adoro, velhice, história, sorvete, belas vistas, castelos…

    Tentei ir no Eataly de NYC, mas por lá também é mais ou menos como você narrou e não tive a menor paciência de ficar ali, disputar mesa… Tinha muita gente.

    Preferi comprar um hot dog na barraquinha em frente e comer na praça ao ar livre! rsrsrs bjuuusss

  2. Jà te disse: Turim é a minha cidade do coraçao e um dia eu ainda morarei là (nem que seja por alguns meses).

    Adorava caminhar pelo LungoPo’ e pelo Parco del Valentino.

    Me hospedei em um hostel que fechada as portas do meio dia às 15hs. Eu nao era bem uma turista e me sentia despejada de casa.
    Por isso, comprava algum lanchinho e me sentava no Parco del Valentino ara ler e petiscar. Era meu momento de tranquilidade enquanto a cidade fazia a sua siesta

    E que bom que vc curtiu o gelato da Grom! O Bicerin eu não provei, então a dica foi apenas turìstica

  3. Mayte, tem certeza que o Parco del Valentino não saiu de nenhum quadro ou pintura? Que lugar maravilhoso! Eu andei lendo o post e voltando para a (linda!) foto, porque aquele lugar me apaixonou! Preciso ir em Turim só por causa dele – e do gelato, e dos castelos maravilhos! hehe
    Uma pergunta: será que ir num dos Eately menores nao ajudaria a evitar tumulto e disputa?

    • Klécia, eu também fiquei com dúvida sobre ser ou não uma pintura rsrs… É lindo mesmo e surpreendente! Nós entramos em um Eataly menor, mas o problema é que as opção são bem diferentes =x com bem menos variedade.


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