Volendam is always leading the numerous lists of the most beautiful villages of Holland. Although no accounting for taste, it seems that even Volendam is a "cheap" conqueror. Aê calm, explain to me - the village is so charming that it itself has won a legion of fans, without the help of any attraction weight. But come on, after all click for more o que tem para fazer em Volendam?

site here No monument, museum, concrete place entitled as a must see. The former fishing village has nothing buy dapoxetine in uk além de um charme muito peculiarWhich in my opinion is all I need. A place to enjoy for minutes or hours. As you wish!

But one thing is certain: Volendam is an authentic Dutch village.

I arrived at lunchtime, had dedicated my morning to meet traditional cheese market in Alkmaar. So when I stepped in the city, tourists had already taken care of everything, and has made its main route a real anthill. I had read that out of that sea of ​​people was necessary to arrive before 10:00, maybe next. 😉

We parked the car a little further away from the center, an excellent opportunity to explore different ways.

The walk around the village was me revealing the location of reasons to be so exciting. The Dutch houses captivate anyone and there they were: the view bricks, windows gracing the facade and the typical orange and pointed roof.

O que fazer em em Volendam

Until I reached the main road. The souvenir shops and restaurants took place account, but without losing the characteristic of Dutch architecture. Hunger was already saying hello! I averted at all costs those restaurants that seemed very grip tourist, left the tour flow and went to the end of the street.

We walked to the Cheese Factory Volendam, had read that there besides a cheese factory had a museum as well. Indeed, a well pititco museum in the middle of the store, where we can see and understand the process of making cheese. It does not pay to get in and in the end still rolling a cheese tasting (as well as in most of Holland cheese shops). The visit is super fast and it's worth, has no error, the store is on the main route of Volendam.

Souvenir, cheese shop, souvenir, ice cream shop, souvenir, restaurant, souvenir, cheese shop, souvenir ... When you get tired of that sequence take a shortcut.

O que fazer em em Volendam


Volendam unknown

Abonde the main route and start exploring the alleys of Volendam. These are streets that hide the real charm of the city. How could it be different in a Dutch town, Volendam also has channels. The architecture remains the same, but what you have? What is beautiful does not tire.

Between I arrive, walk down the main street and get lost through the city streets the clock worked for about an hour and a half. Hunger was already showing signs of life and decided to go back to where he had to choose where to move and what I would eat.

O que fazer em em Volendam

I had no doubt it would be something fresh and to represent the city. From a distance we saw a queue, which is queue good thing. We looked and looked again was a fishmonger, but they served breakfast - fried fish. Gives more possible root way you choose your fish and it goes straight to the fryer.

Fish and Chips in the Dutch style

To track took a cone of chips in a stall any and did our own fish and chips. If the sun do not think twice, take your meal and walk a few meters to the benches that are located in a small dam and choose the landscape for lunch: a view of the city or sea view.

The fish market is on the street: Havendijkje.


The dessert we've got to get back to the car. There are so many stalls offering waffle and poffertjes, which is possible to die of diabetes just seeing everything.

The Poffertjes I had discovered hours before in Alkmaar and already considered my favorite sweet. I did not think twice and ordered a full - with banana and Nutella. And I must confess: it is better only with sugar butter. 🙂

My schedule was told, I hate to do this, but that day was needed. We should arrive in Zaanse Schans before 17:00.

The ride was fast, but enough to know. He missed more time just for dating destiny, perhaps a cafe. 😉

How to get

Volendam is located 44 km from Amsterdam and 46 of Haarllem, the options to get there are excursions or car. You already know that here in the passport with pepper always traveled by car, if you want to know more about the subject read:how to organize your road trip. Rent your car throughRent CarsBy our affiliate link. So you help us to keep the contents of passport with pepper to date.

Tours leave from Amsterdam Central Station,and buy the ticket you have the right to move to neighboring towns.

Where to Stay

If you are looking for a car trip through Holland, I do not recommend you to stay in Amsterdam, but in the region. The country is small and you can do a lot based on the region of North Holland. See the options of hotels in the region through our affiliate link Booking: Choose your hotel in North Holland.



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