Have you ever thought of traveling to the world's largest country? Russia has a try this site tesouro incalculable called get redirected here São Petersburgo, A beautiful city full of history, secrets and charm in the summer comes alive with its eternal days and its white nights. It is beautiful all year round but in summer is even more beautiful.

Por estes dias esta acontecendo em São Petersburgo o maravilhoso fenômeno das “Noites Brancas”. É um evento natural que acontece no círculo polar ártico nas últimas semanas de junho e permite desfrutar de uma cidade jovem e alegre, que por pelo menos uma vez no ano tem um clima perfeito. =D

Alguma vez sentiu que o dia era eterno e que a noite nunca chegava? Bom, pois em São Petersburgo, entre junho e julho, os dias são verdadeiramente eternos, mas isso não significa que sejam ruins, muito pelo contrário, os dias mais longos nessa cidade parecem mágicos, você consegue sentir o quanto os locais são agradecidos ao verão, pois o resto do ano a cidade é fria de quebrar os ossos.

Rio Neva, São Petersburgo
Neva River, St. Petersburg

Por causa da proximidade da cidade com o Circulo Polar Ártico, no verão, o sol começa a descer as 10 da noite mas nunca se põe totalmente, e assim o pôr do sol dura o tempo suficiente até vir um novo amanhecer, a noite jamais chega e isso é motivo suficiente para pôr esse destino na sua lista de viagens. E é assim como as conhecidas “Noites Brancas” dão ao São Petersburgo uma vantagem incrível sobre qualquer outro destino turístico.

São Petersburgo, Russia
St. Petersburg, Russia

The summer St. Petersburg is not only a natural spectacle, but a party for locals and tourists.With temperatures quite pleasant, music and party, the Nevsky Prospect and the main street of the historic center comes alive. People are on the edge of the river Neva waiting for bridges to open in half, like in the movies, to give the palace cruises and boats arriving from the Baltic Sea, and enter the city loaded with tourists eager to watch the spectacle.

São Petersburgo, Russia
St. Petersburg, Russia

Better known as the Venice of the North, Saint Petersburg is a truly beautiful city, with many stories to tell. One of the first planned cities in history is the result of the ambitious project of Peter the Great in 1703. While many people prefer to visit jewelry known as Paris or Rome, the ancient Russian capital leaves nothing to be desired, because its beauty is much more varied and preserved with the rigidity of the Russians, not to mention that is home to the Hermitage, the second largest museum in the world.

St. Petersburg, Russia

But the show is not only after 10 pm, you can enjoy the city early, so extremely rich in architecture, history and culture. The passport with Pepper was in love with that destination and here prepared some tips for you to experience this gem of a totally different culture from ours.

etizest canada Como chegar em São Petersburgo:

Plane: You can reach the second largest city in Russia directly, usually the flights have stopovers in Madrid or Moscow.

Train: Rail transport is very strong in Russia. The train time from Moscow is 4 hours (day train) or up to 8 hours if traveling by night. The value of the ticket ranges from 3000 to 8000 rubles (50-130 dollars) depending on the class, the time and train.

Ship: Yes! you can get in St. Petersburg as part of a cruise through Northern Europe that usually goes by Finland, Sweden and Estonia. What chic right?

St. Isaac Cathedral, St. Petersburg

What is the best time to travel to St Petersburg:

The best time is certainly in the summer with the end of June preference to participate in the spectacle of the white nights. Temperatures range between 16 and 35 degrees, which means a perfect time to be able to walk, navigate and enjoy a city full of life. If you travel in winter, adorned urban landscapes of snow are beautiful but I doubt that the polar cold and frozen river no longer enjoy a nice walk through the city.

Igreja de São Nicolau, São Petersburgo
St. Nicholas Church, St. Petersburg

Where to stay in St. Petersburg:

Since St. Petersburg is a city for all tastes, it also has different types of accommodation, from the most ostentatious as theBelmond Grand Hotel Europe, or with a tight budget can stay in Casa Leto, or a much simpler and definitely cheaper travel, the Location Hostel, one full of foreign giant building very well located in a quiet and safe environment.

São Petersburgo, Rússia
St. Petersburg, Russia

As I communicate in St. Petersburg:

For its history and its proximity to Western Europe, St. Petersburg is a city where you can survive if you speak English. But do not rely too much because the Russians do not like to speak English, and can take advantage of that by charging more money or cheating. So you are better learn some key catchwords, always bring with you a map and recognize all those great brands written in Cyrillic alphabet, like McDonalds, Subway or Starbucks. You can also prepare to speak the language of the passwords and get used to angry people who speak and speak a language that sometimes scares.

São Petersburgo, Russia
St. Petersburg, Russia

Where to buysouvenirs:

The Nevsky Prospect is the street with more variety to buy souvenirs as Matrioskas or small eggs of Fabergé. In Peterhov Palace entry also has several craft feirinhas, where prices can be better. And if you venture into language passwords can earn a descontinho.

Matrioskas em São Petersburgo
Matrioskas in St. Petersburg

Things to Do in St. Petersburg:

St. Petersburg is a city that more than city looks like a museum, in any corner you can find a jewel of architecture or a work of art. However it has some important sights that can not miss on your trip.

  • Hermitage Museum: With works of Da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh and many more, the Hermitage has become one of the largest and most comprehensive museums in the world. There are those who speak only dedicating one minute for each work, it would take 11 years to see it all, not to mention its perfect architecture. This place deserves at least a day of your trip as each room tells the story of a powerful Russia, sumptuous and extravagant.
Untitled design (1)
Hermitage, St. Petersburg

The museum is nothing more than the combined collections of the czars of Russia, has art pieces from all continents and has more than 3 million pieces of art from all eras. But you do not need to be a fanatic for art to fall in love with the place, every room has a different air, different scenarios so that not even need to contemplate a piece. The museum is decorated from the floor up to the ceiling.

Escadaria de Jordão, Museu Hermitage.
Jordan staircase, Hermitage Museum.

Admission is released to students, butevery first Thursday of every month is free for all. But if it is difficult to go that day and no student card, you pay 600 rublas (about 10 dollars). You can buy online or in the same place, but arrive early because it is always very busy and can lose a lot of time in queues.

  • Church of the Spilled Blood: It is that what you imagine when you hear the word Russia, with unique decor of orthodox style, whether it is beautiful on the outside, imagine how it is inside. Famous for the amount of mosaics, the main church of the Russian city is the protagonist of photos and postcards
São Petersburgo, Russia
St. Petersburg, Russia


Interior of the Church of the Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg


São Petersburgo, Russia
St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Fortress of Peter and Paul: Two beautiful buildings that adorn the city as can be seen from across the river, the fortress is where are buried the bodies of the former Russian Tsars.
Fortaleza de Pedro e Paulo, São Petersburgo
Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg


Fortaleza de São Pedro e São Paulo
Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Petersburg
  • Cathedral of Our Lady of Kaza: Another beautiful church with an architecture inspired by the Vatican, one hell of building 96 columns Cathedral is of paramount importance for the local made. The entrance to the cathedral is released, however women should bring a scarf to cover the head with respect to orthodox religion.
Catedral de Nossa Senhora de Kazan
Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan
  • Mariinsky Theater:The perfect place for those who like opera or ballet. It is home to one of the most famous ballet companies in the world and was the stage for dancers as Anna Pavlova. very worth watching a play or to visit it when you do not show.
    Teatro Mariinsky, São Petersburgo
    Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg


  • Neva River: It is impossible to go to St. Petersburg and not find the Neva river it is almost the life blood of the city. Are 342 bridges that pass over the river and you have to stay a little midnight to see the opening of the drawbridge.
Rio Neva, São Petersburgo
Neva River, St. Petersburg
  • Peterhof Palace: It's so wonderful when the Hermitage. It is a city of the same name, a little away from the historic city center (about 30 km). To give a charm to the destination you can go by boat, leaving from the river Neva and sailing through the Gulf of Finland, but can also take a bus from the historic center.
Palácio Peterhov, São Petersburgo
Peterhov Palace, St. Petersburg

The palace is one of those places where you're thinking about the hands that made every detail of the decor, and heads that devised it. How can so perfectly built by man? Where you are in this palace is worth taking pictures. Gardens, water fountains, the interior of the castle, on the edge of the sea ... everything is much perfection.

Palácio Peterhov

    As well as the Historic Center, The Peterhov Palace is the work of Peter the Great. It is a destination which needs at least a full day to be able to visit as it is a very special castle, full of details and corners. The entrance is a bit more expensive: Some 500 rubles (8 dollars) just to the source and the main gardens. It has some castle spaces that must pay apart.

    Palacio Peterhov, São Petersburgo


    So we finished this post full of beautiful landscapes and culture!

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